May 162014
Genevieve Reviews: House of Ivy & Sorrow

House of Ivy and Sorrow starts off with a line about an old witch who lives under the bridge of a freeway who can foresee your death for a lock of hair and make someone love you for the small price of a pinkie finger, and it just gets more and more engrossing from there. The book has its own personality and style, which made it easy to get caught up in the story. Jo, the main character, has a funny, quirky voice and I really liked being in her head, which was a big plus since the book’s in […]

Mar 262014
Review: Wind and Shadow

I went into this thinking it was a YA paranormal story, and was quite surprised at the very adult, very sexual story. Not sure why I thought it would be YA, maybe the cover tricked me since the summary definitely doesn’t read as YA. Regardless, this is a romance heavy story revolving around witches and vampires. I found myself very frustrated on Rayvin’s behalf. The prejudices she faces coming back to her old hometown are quite extreme, and yet still within the realm of believable. It was not the homecoming that anyone wants, and yet Rayvin was quite strong and […]

Feb 032014

For the first part of this book, I found myself wondering if this was going to suffer from book-two-itis and make me quit the series. Why? Because not much seems to happen in the first half. The last part of the book convinced me that this story isn’t that bad, and I should continue with the series. This book is really about Scarlett, Olivia, and their past together. Due to this focus, there seemed to be a lot of reflecting and reminiscing, and not much action. This in turn made the book feel slow and unexciting. The final few scenes […]

Dec 162013
Review: Dead Spots

This was an exciting story featuring a unique paranormal skill I’ve never heard of. Scarlett is a null, which means she basically cancels out paranormal abilities within her personal bubble of space. With this ability, Scarlett is a cleaner, getting rid of paranormal-related messes so regular humans and cops don’t find them. When a cleaning goes bad, trouble ensues. Scarlett was a great character. She’s smart and logical and very careful with her life. She’s suffered a lot of tragedy, and is basically just going through the motions of living when the story starts. Getting thrown into a murder investigation […]

Dec 122013
Review: Shadow of Night

While I had a hard time enjoying the first book because I found it slow and burdensome, this second book was quite smooth and enjoyable. It starts right where the first book ended, with Diana and Matthew arriving in 1590 Elizabethean England. I think this setting is what made the difference. To me, this felt more like a time travel story with paranormal elements, with very few ties to the first book. The focus here is for Diana to understand and learn to control her abilities. Yes, she is still looking for Ashmole 782, but that is not nearly as […]

Mar 182013
Review: Anathema

This was a quick story that contained many unexpected secrets and twists. I wasn’t expecting some of them, which made for delightful surprises. I love Reychel’s name. It is creative twist on a common name that makes an impact in a written story. I’m not sure it would be great in real life since it would always be mispelled, but it works great in a book. Reychel was a strong fighter who quickly grew to trust and believe in herself. SHe went through several traumatic events that seemed to enhance her instead of destroying her. I was surprised at how […]

Nov 012012
Review: The Witch's Daughter

This was a literary book that I really enjoyed. I consider it literary, and not popular fiction because it has a more serious feel, and concentrates more on character development than on flash and action. The story is very engrossing with a smooth writing style. It had an interesting set up with one chapter focusing on Elizabeth’s current life, and then next chapter focusing on the story of one of her past lives. It switched this way for the whole book. Some of the sections were long enough that I kind of forgot about the other side of the story, […]