Sep 292014
Review: Generation 18

As a second book, this was quite strong and enjoyable. The story has a strong plot that stands alone, yet still ties into the first one, and the overall characters and story arc are advanced well. The big draw of this book is the information learned about Sam’s past. In the first book, she struggled with knowing nothing. In this book, she’s starting to learn things, and they are both unsettling and intriguing. I can’t wait to learn more in the next book. One thing I really like about the whole series is the inventiveness of the world and the […]

Aug 262014
Review: Memory Zero

This was a fun and action packed start to a new urban fantasy series. The most interesting feature of this book was the inclusion of shapeshifters and shapechangers. These are two very different abilities in this book, and it was interesting to learn about the differences. The explanations were very clear, for this, as well as other paranormal creatures, which made the unique types easy to understand and keep straight. Sam makes a good heroine as she has many puzzles in her past. They are mostly just touched on in this first book, with a few hints given here and […]

Aug 112014
Review: Summer Knight

Oh, Harry, how I’ve missed you and your antics. This is an urban fantasy series that I felt immediately familiar and comfortable with, and even though I had a long break between this book and the previous, I was able to pick it back up without any hesitation. There is just something so easy about these books. As a series progression book, this one felt a bit slow, but as a stand alone plot, it was enjoyable. It’s odd, since so much happened in the book, including many things that will have long lasting series fallout, but the overall feel […]

Jul 302014
Review: Every Other Day

This was a fun paranormal story. It was lacking a bit in depth, and seemed very juvenile YA at times, but I still enjoyed it because it was plain entertaining. A large part of the entertainment came from the supporting characters. Kali was an okay character, but I found myself drawn more to Skylar and her brothers. Skylar was very funny and perceptive. Her brothers were protective, and their relationships and behaviour towards each other were amusing and realistic. There’s nothing like buying a “You’re #4” keychain for a sibling to really show how your family dynamic works. The plot […]

Jul 152014
Review: The Book of Life

The trilogy finale is here, and it’s the best book of the series. Picking up right where the second book stops, this story is all about Diana, her powers, and Ashmole 782. I was worried about whether I would like this volume as I adored the second one, and I credited it to the historical setting. My worries were for naught as this story was utterly captivating. With the focus on Diana’s babies, her powers, and her final search for The Book of Life, there were plenty of situations that demanded attention. Diana spends a great deal of time still […]

Jun 262014
Genevieve Reviews: Nameless

After tearing through Wayfarer, which was the second book in this series (I accidently read it out of order) I was really excited to read Nameless. I wasn’t disappointed. This one is very loosely based on Snow White. Cami, the main character, doesn’t remember where she came from and she struggles to feel like she belongs in her family and still wants to know what happened to her in her past. This series features one of the more interesting, weird systems of magic I’ve seen. Cami was adopted by the Family, which are, as close as I can tell, mafia […]

Jun 162014
Review: Shadows & Dreams

It’s hard to believe I read the first book in this series 6 months ago because I still remember most of the characters quite easily. Of course, Kate Kane is hard to forget, just ask the numerous ex-girlfriends that litter the story. Like the first story, this book is full of action with multiple overlapping plotlines. There are a multitude of paranormal creatures, with Kate being an interesting mix of Fae and human herself. This book delivers well on snark and sass. The action is non-stop, while still being easy to follow, and the characters are well developed individuals. I […]

May 132014
Review: Magic Burns

I really loved the first book in this series, and was really disappointed in this second book. I was tempted to just give up several times because the story was not keeping my attention. I think my main issue with the story was how removed Kate felt from the action. It seemed like every time something was happening, Kate was watching from the sidelines and remarking on the action. I know she was in on it sometimes, but it just didn’t feel like it. In the first book, I really enjoyed both Derek and Curran’s characters. Neither one was very […]

Apr 142014
Review: Nightwalker

The start of an urban fantasy series, this book features a very strong heroine who gives no apologies for her behaviour, a semi-partner who seems both good and evil, and a unique paranormal enemy in the form of naturii, who are a combination of elves and fae. I quite enjoyed the fast paced action, especially in the later half of the story. There is a lot going on, and most of it involves action and adventure. We do get a glimpse at Mira’s history, which provides a softer, more rounded view of her rather than just the tough exterior shown […]

Mar 262014
Review: Wind and Shadow

I went into this thinking it was a YA paranormal story, and was quite surprised at the very adult, very sexual story. Not sure why I thought it would be YA, maybe the cover tricked me since the summary definitely doesn’t read as YA. Regardless, this is a romance heavy story revolving around witches and vampires. I found myself very frustrated on Rayvin’s behalf. The prejudices she faces coming back to her old hometown are quite extreme, and yet still within the realm of believable. It was not the homecoming that anyone wants, and yet Rayvin was quite strong and […]