Feb 022015
Review: Edged Blade

One of the things I worry about when I read a series is what if I don’t love the next book? This is especially true in cases where I love the first few books, because then I start to develop a connection, and want to really love each book. This book is one of those instances where I’m fairly torn as I liked the book, but didn’t love it. The last book had me a little wishy-washy too, but it did recover nicely. This book did start to recover and pick up in the later half, but the for the […]

Jan 272015
Review: Magic Strikes

Oh my gosh, this book was made of awesome! There was so much humour, and emotion, and action, and just everything. I feel like just flailing and screaming keywords from the best parts, in true fangirl fashion. PIE! HOT TUB! Derek! How could they?! Picking up Julie! CURRAN! CURRAN! CURRAN! I can’t stop. It was all just so good. And so hard to talk about anything without spoilers. There was so much series development, and yet also a fully formed single book plot. This is definitely the best of the series so far, and one that makes me want to […]

Jan 212015
Review: Blood Rites

This installment of the series seemed to be all about series development, and it was awesome! Harry seemed to take charge in several situations, and this felt like a great improvement. Too often, it seems like Harry just goes with the flow, but he really seemed to be directing several situations, and it really fit him. Some of the bigger developments can’t be mentioned without spoilers, but one development was the appearance of Karen Murphy. It seems like she hasn’t been present much in the last few books, but she gets lots of page time in this book, which I […]

Jan 142015
Review: Marked

This is a series book for sure, and there is so much series development it’s hard to talk about anything without spoilers. Just SQUEE! and YAY! should be enough to cover my review. No? You need more? Of course you do. I know I do. The characters in this book continue to develop, with lots of page time for Adam and Cherabino, and the Guild too. Yes, the Guild is finally playing a huge part in a book, and the more I learn, the less I like them. As a whole, the Guild is very inclusive and exclusive and frowns […]

Jan 132015
Review: Owl and the Japanese Circus

Yes, yes and yes. This book has everything I love in urban fantasy: lots of paranormal creatures, action and adventure, romance with tension, smart-aleck heroine and lots of humour. I don’t even know where to begin, except to say you need to read this book. Owl is a gaming human who is an archaeologist turned thief specializing in supernatural artifacts. She reminds me of Lara Croft, except where Lara is suave and smooth, Owl seems to bumble her way through everything. She is extremely lucky that her backtalking to every supernatural creature she encounters hasn’t resulted in her death yet. […]

Jan 122015
Review: Uriel's Fall

I’m torn on how I feel about this book. It has some interesting ideas, and some witty banter, but it’s also very predictable, and some of the romance scenes were eye-rolling. The presentation of angels and demons was good. I like the concepts used, with the only difference between them being which side they’re on. I didn’t really get the concept of the cherubs. I’m not sure if it had to do with how it was explained, but it just left me confused. I don’t get the importance of them. The banter between Ronnie and the voice in her head […]

Jan 022015
Review: An Artificial Night

This is THE book of the series so far. I totally cried near the end. There was just so much emotion. More so than any other book in the series so far. It was just awesome. There is so much in this book that is not mentioned in the summary, so it’s hard to talk about anything for fear of spoilers. This includes the narration of the audiobook. The voice so far has always surprised me with how soft and mature it sounds, and there is a twist to this story that affects the narration, and I think it was […]

Dec 162014
Review: Sharp

Another reviewer (Smexy Books) called this “the best series you are not reading. It’s like JD Robb meets Jim Butcher.” This may be the best description for this series. It really sums it up nicely. One thing that really stuck in my mind while listening to this story is how often the main character’s name is said. In the first book, I don’t think his first name was ever mentioned, but in this book, almost everyone says Adam’s name when talking to him. It was a very noticeable difference. One that had me feeling a bit awkward since the lack […]

Dec 112014
Review: Death Masks

This is a series that seems to get better with every installment. There more more creatures and ever escalating convolutions to plots. The only thing it’s missing is much development of the main character. Yes, Harry Dresden is still one of my favourite characters, but he never really seems to grow or change. This book is no different. He hasn’t learned any new magic since the last book, and yet he still manages to survive an encounter with an even bigger bad guy. I hope something about his character advances soon. This book saw the return of Michael from book […]

Dec 042014
Review: Venom

Another solid addition to the series, I really loved getting to know the characters in this story. We see more of Finn and Sophia and lots of Owen. I really like each of these characters, and how they develop. I did notice more repetition in this book than in the previous ones. It’s a hard line to follow in a series, what to repeat and what to assume readers know. In this case, I feel like a little less repetition would have been fine. Overall, a good story with lots of character development. I really enjoy this series, and have […]