Oct 152015
Review: The Drafter

Yes, yes, and yes. This is an urban fantasy with a unique and original time travel twist. Peri is a drafter, which means she can rewrite time in small chunks, but it costs her as she can’t handle having both timelines in her head. She relies on an anchor to help her sort out her memories and cement only the rewritten part into her head, which means she loses the original timeline. Bad side effect: she loses time from before the rewrite as well. This premise takes a bit to comprehend, but once I understood it, the story was slightly […]

Aug 032015
Review: The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts

This was a fun paranormal story with lots of action packed into every page. There are ghosts, a family curse, an unsolved murder, and time travel. So much stuff, but it never felt tangled or rushed. The plot was the highlight of the story, but the characters were fun too. I liked the focus on Kat and Evan. They were a good contrast, and I loved the hints at something between them. It struck just the right balance between sweet and teenaged awkward. There were a few developments right near the end that I didn’t care as much about, but […]

Mar 192015
Review: The Skin Map

I’ve had this book on my wishlist for quite a while, so when it went on sale at Audible, I snatched up a copy. I’m so glad I did! This was a fun time travel story, complex yet understandable with lots of interesting parts. The story focuses mostly on Kit and his adventures, but there are interspersing chapters for his girlfriend Wilhemina, who gets “lost” in time when Kit tries to show her what he did. Her chapters were my favourite. She assimilated into her new location and time so well, and started to make a very interesting life for […]

Jul 042014
Review: All Our Yesterdays

This was a very unique time travel story that had dual narratives: the present Em and the past Marina. At first, these two characters seem completely different, and it’s only through following the story that you learn how sweet, naive Marina turned into tough, strong Em. It was a remarkable transformation, and yet very believable, given the events she went through. Marina/Em is not the only great character. Each of the characters in the story had a depth and development that felt very fulfilling. Finn was such a sweet guy, and there were many instances where his kind nature is […]

Dec 122013
Review: Shadow of Night

While I had a hard time enjoying the first book because I found it slow and burdensome, this second book was quite smooth and enjoyable. It starts right where the first book ended, with Diana and Matthew arriving in 1590 Elizabethean England. I think this setting is what made the difference. To me, this felt more like a time travel story with paranormal elements, with very few ties to the first book. The focus here is for Diana to understand and learn to control her abilities. Yes, she is still looking for Ashmole 782, but that is not nearly as […]

Apr 292013
Martin Reviews: The Far Time Incident

I must admit that when I pick up a book that uses time travel as a literary device I get a little nervous. It’s not that fiction can’t use time travel effectively: H.G. Wells began the fascination with time machines in his quintessential The Time Machine (1895); Dan Simmons succeeded brilliantly in weaving together the future and past time travel in the Hyperion Cantos (1989); and if we take the leap to film, Chris Marker’s “La Jetée” (1962) has perhaps one of the most chilling depictions of a protagonist traveling into the past to witness his own death. But then […]

Apr 242013
Review: The Map of Time

This book started out very slowly, and unfortunately, it never captured my attention enough for me to make it past Andrew’s story. I made it most of the way through his part, but there wasn’t anything happening. It was just his obsession with a low prostitute, without much plot. The narration was slow and jerky. It took some getting used to, and even then, I found my attention wandering away. The narration was not very exciting. At one point, knowing that most reviews rave about the book, I took out my disc and verified that I did have the right […]

Nov 092012
Review: Flutter

This is a creative YA romance with a heavy mystery angle. Emery’s loops were odd and slightly scary. They were obviously killing her, but it didn’t seem to bother her. I spent the majority of the story wondering what the purpose of her loops were, and whether there would be a satisfying answer for them, before it was too late. Emery’s father was crazy and scary. He didn’t seem to see her as a real person, just an interesting problem that needed to be solved. I couldn’t imagine how that must feel, knowing the one person who is supposed to […]

Oct 232012
Review: The Sun, the Moon and Maybe the Trains

This was a sweet romantic YA time travel story. The main character John was a gentleman who handled everything very calmly and logically. He was sweet and likable and felt authentic. How he stayed calm while learning all about modern life is a mystery; I’m sure I would be freaking out. Tess was a spitfire. She was a very modern teenager, and maybe a bit mean. She definitely could have shown more compassion toward John, and maybe a little less laughing at his expense. But she did come through for him, and handled things pretty well when things starting affecting […]