Jun 132013
Zoe Reviews: One

I was really excited to pick up One by Leigh Ann Kopans, despite the fact that I rarely read self-published books. To be honest, I have such a big stack of books at home to read already, I feel like I’m not seeking out as many books as I used to. But having heard great things about this one (no pun intended!) on Twitter, and having really enjoyed the opening when Kopans posted it on her blog, I definitely wanted to make time for this story. One is the story of Merrin Grey, a teenage girl in a world where […]

Mar 222013
Review: Masked Mosaic: Canadian Super Stories

This was a collection of short stories that really surprised me. I didn’t expect there to be such a wide variety of characters and plotlines. When you think superhero, I picture the classic good guy in tights saving the world. But this collection showed me that it can be much more than that. Like most short story collections, some stories make more of an impression that others. My favourites included Nocturne, which features an ordinary man who dreams he is a superhero, The Seamstress Without a Costume, which features a woman who creates the costumes for both superheros and villains, […]

Feb 202013
Review: The Mad Scientist's Guide to World Domination

This was a unique collection of stories about evil geniuses. There were some good stories, and some not-so-good stories, told by well known authors and not-so-famous authors. My favourite part of the collection was the introductions to each story. They were well thought out and highlighted the best parts of each story. Some of my favourite stories were the following: The Executor – This was an exciting, coherent, full story with an easy to discern message about the power of love and family. This story was exactly what I would expect from the author of Robopocalypse. The Angel of Death […]