Oct 222015
Review: The Martian

This book has been on my wishlist since it came out, and now that it’s in theatres, I had to read it before I saw the movie. That’s a serious requirement for any book-to-movie adaptation. I’m so happy I did, because I really loved the book, and can now put the energy into getting to the theatre. I was impressed at how much science was in the book, without becoming overwhelming or confusing. Everything Mark did was explained well, in a believable way, and all with a sense of humour. Mark’s humour was probably my favourite part of the story. […]

Oct 212015
Review: Red Rising

This was a brutal book. Violent, but brilliant. I’m very certain the only YA element is that the main character (and most others) are in their teens, but what they go through is definitely an adult hell. What they have to do is horrible, and nothing anyone should have to suffer, let alone a teenager. I’m not convinced this should be listed as a YA book, but regardless, the story is amazing. The plot is divided into three different parts, each with a different focus and feel, but it’s the final section, the Institute ordeal that really stands out. I’ve […]

Dec 102014
Review: Fortune's Pawn

I’m always quick to say I love sci-fi books, but less quick to say I have a soft spot for space stories. Space and alien stories usually have way more potential than they actually deliver. Part of that is because female characters seem to be highly stereotypical in this genre. I’m super happy to say that this book killed those stereotypes and brought lots of action delivered through a very impressive female protagonist. Devi is a very focused and career driven woman. She knows what she wants, and she’s willing to do the work to get it. She’s not looking […]

Oct 132014
Review: The Gods of War

This is a military space story set primarily on Mars that reads like a good action movie. It’s quick and exciting, although very black and white and predictable. Action movie books can be tricky to write as you need to strike a delicate balance between simplicity and entertainment. This book rode that line well and resulted in an enjoyable story that didn’t require a lot of brain power to process. The characters in this story were really black and white. Either they were good or evil, there were no shades of grey. The hero, Captain James Collins, has most of […]

Aug 132014
Review: Across the Universe

I feel like I’m one of the last people to read this book. I found it to be a interesting dystopian set in an enclosed space ship. There are several layers of mystery that Amy and Elder try to solve. I liked the heavy sci-fi feel of the book. There is space and space travel, cryogenics, genetic manipulation, and lots of technology. It was all presented as integrated into the story, without info dumping or sidebars. I liked the approach, and while I didn’t find it all believable, it was interesting. Since this was a YA story, I was surprised […]

Aug 062014
Review: The Darwin Elevator

This book was disappointing. I was expecting a thrilling space story with aliens. But there wasn’t much space, and no visible aliens. Instead, it’s a military themed story about humans fighting each other. The story starts as centered around Skyler Luiken, a pilot immune to the disease that has ravaged most of the world. He and his immune crew scavenge parts from areas outside the protected circle at the base of the space elevator. While I liked Skyler and his continual self-doubts and esteem issues, his crew were much more enjoyable. In particular, his second in command Sam is a […]

Jan 132014
Review: One's Aspect to the Sun

I rarely read space stories, but after reading this one, I question why I don’t pick them up more often. This was an exciting adventure featuring a strong woman who wants answers to her missing mother, and her seemingly inability to age. The characters in the story were very entertaining and complete. Luta is the main character, but is far from being the only relatable one. All of the crew members are fully formed, with unique personalities. Luta’s family members, her ailing husband and headstrong daughter, are two of my favourite characters. The three of them interact as a believably […]

Oct 042013
Review: Reach: A Twin-Bred Novel

This story picks up immediately after the first one ends, with the majority of the Twin-Bred on a journey into space, with an unknown destination in mind. There were a few times in the beginning where I was confused about situations and characters as there is no recapping or explanations. With that in mind, it would be best to keep the time between reading the two books quite short, as opposed to my 2 years. I really liked the journey to the wormhole and the destination beyond. I liked how Mara tried to avoid being the designated leader, and instead, […]

May 132013
Review: Beyond Asimios

This was an exciting start to the series of short stories. As the start of a space adventure, the story jumps into the action, and yet still manages to provide a lot of background info without the dreaded info-dump. Graf is easy to feel sorry for. He is consumed with grief over his wife, job and life in general, yet he isn’t ready to give up quite yet. He has his convictions, and is willing to stand up for them, regardless of the consequences. I loved this short story, and can’t wait to see what happens next.