Feb 272015
Review: Hunter's Trail

This was the best book in the series so far! There was so much humour in the story that I found myself actually laughing out loud several times. There was lots of series development, and several plotline closures in this book. It had a very satisfying feel to it. Scarlett did a lot of growing up in the book, and seems to be coming into her power and potential some. Of course, she makes a lot of amusing missteps along the way though. On the character side, I found myself actually liking most of them, although Scarlett’s roommate Molly was […]

Feb 022015
Review: Edged Blade

One of the things I worry about when I read a series is what if I don’t love the next book? This is especially true in cases where I love the first few books, because then I start to develop a connection, and want to really love each book. This book is one of those instances where I’m fairly torn as I liked the book, but didn’t love it. The last book had me a little wishy-washy too, but it did recover nicely. This book did start to recover and pick up in the later half, but the for the […]

Jan 272015
Review: Magic Strikes

Oh my gosh, this book was made of awesome! There was so much humour, and emotion, and action, and just everything. I feel like just flailing and screaming keywords from the best parts, in true fangirl fashion. PIE! HOT TUB! Derek! How could they?! Picking up Julie! CURRAN! CURRAN! CURRAN! I can’t stop. It was all just so good. And so hard to talk about anything without spoilers. There was so much series development, and yet also a fully formed single book plot. This is definitely the best of the series so far, and one that makes me want to […]

Jan 022015
Review: An Artificial Night

This is THE book of the series so far. I totally cried near the end. There was just so much emotion. More so than any other book in the series so far. It was just awesome. There is so much in this book that is not mentioned in the summary, so it’s hard to talk about anything for fear of spoilers. This includes the narration of the audiobook. The voice so far has always surprised me with how soft and mature it sounds, and there is a twist to this story that affects the narration, and I think it was […]

Jan 012015
Review: Hearts of Darkness

Do you ever read a book and think “I should DNF this, why don’t I DNF this?” because that was this book for me. The whole time, I kept thinking that, and yet I kept listening. I don’t have a good explanation as to why I actually finished it, but I did. Everything just felt super cliched and predictable. There were no surprises, no twists, no depths. This was a simple story that follows a very predictable plotline and features a weak female and stereotypical bad boy. Cue eye rolling that almost hurt. I kept hoping for something to make […]

Oct 282014
Review: Penumbra

This was an exciting book three, with lots of action and series advancement. But. Big but. The series stops after this. There are no more books, even though the overall story arc cries out for a fourth book. In this book, Sam strikes out away from Gabriel, which is good for her, and a great kick at him and his overprotective nature. I loved that part, and seeing what Sam could do and be. She gets a lot of answers, and even if some of them are extremely predictable and slight annoying, they are still confirmed. But there are so […]

Oct 212014
Review: Kitty Goes to Washington

In a refreshing twist on the usual super confident alpha heroine featured in most urban fantasy series, Kitty Norville is not any of those things yet. She wants to be, kind of, but is more of a wary, submissive shifter. This book saw a lot of growth in Kitty towards that confident personality. When she goes to Washington to testify at a Senate hearing, things seem to happening, good and bad, and just keep escalating. She has run ins with the local vampires, shifters, and even the government agency that is focus of the Senate hearing. With all that action, […]

Sep 292014
Review: Generation 18

As a second book, this was quite strong and enjoyable. The story has a strong plot that stands alone, yet still ties into the first one, and the overall characters and story arc are advanced well. The big draw of this book is the information learned about Sam’s past. In the first book, she struggled with knowing nothing. In this book, she’s starting to learn things, and they are both unsettling and intriguing. I can’t wait to learn more in the next book. One thing I really like about the whole series is the inventiveness of the world and the […]

Aug 262014
Review: Memory Zero

This was a fun and action packed start to a new urban fantasy series. The most interesting feature of this book was the inclusion of shapeshifters and shapechangers. These are two very different abilities in this book, and it was interesting to learn about the differences. The explanations were very clear, for this, as well as other paranormal creatures, which made the unique types easy to understand and keep straight. Sam makes a good heroine as she has many puzzles in her past. They are mostly just touched on in this first book, with a few hints given here and […]

Aug 112014
Review: Summer Knight

Oh, Harry, how I’ve missed you and your antics. This is an urban fantasy series that I felt immediately familiar and comfortable with, and even though I had a long break between this book and the previous, I was able to pick it back up without any hesitation. There is just something so easy about these books. As a series progression book, this one felt a bit slow, but as a stand alone plot, it was enjoyable. It’s odd, since so much happened in the book, including many things that will have long lasting series fallout, but the overall feel […]