Jul 062012
The Beads of Lapis Lazuli

The Beads of Lapis Lazuli: A Greek Mysteryby Doris Kenney Marcotte Source: Review copy from authorLinks: Amazon, Goodreads Katheryn Marshall is just an everyday Cincinnati housewife and mother-until she purchases an ancient strand of lapis lazuli beads on holiday in Crete. That’s the start of a two-year obsession with ancient Minoan civilization, culminating in an unfinished novel about the culture’s greatest mystery of love and desertion. But as she delves deeper into the myth, Katheryn finds holes in the story that she refuses to accept, preventing her from completing the book. And what happens next could rewrite history-even as it stretches […]

Jul 062012
Just Say the Word

Just Say the Word by Carla SalvoSource: Review copy from authorLinks: Amazon, Goodreads, Author’s Facebook Rita Napapolus’ fingerprints were all over the murder weapon, beckoning authorities onto her path and into her past. They immediately hit a wall when they find no record of the petite office manager’s history before she appeared in Seattle with her daughter twenty years ago. When a million dollar bail is mysteriously posted and a hot-shot defense lawyer arrives from San Francisco, her friends want answers. So does the FBI. Where did Rita come from? Who is watching out for her? Could she really be […]

Jul 052012
Anger Mastery

Anger Mastery by Kevin B BurkSource: Review copy from authorLinks: Goodreads, Author’s website Good morning. This is your wake-up call. Your life is a constant struggle. No matter how hard you work, things aren’t improving. You’re not happy. You haven’t been happy for so long that you don’t know what happy is anymore. And worst of all, you don’t have enough energy to do anything about it, because other people are stealing it from you. This energy is more vital and more useful than gas or electricity: it’s anger. When you learn how to master your anger, you can avoid […]

Jun 252012
Tuesday's Child

Tuesday’s Child (Psychic Visions #1)by Dale MayerSource: Review copy from authorLinks: Amazon, Goodreads, Author’s website What she doesn’t want…is exactly what he needs. Shunned and ridiculed all her life for something she can’t control, Samantha Blair hides her psychic abilities and lives on the fringes of society. Against her will, however, she’s tapped into a killer—or rather, his victims. Each woman’s murder, blow-by-blow, ravages her mind until their death releases her back to her body. Sam knows she must go to the authorities, but will the rugged, no-nonsense detective in charge of tracking down the killer believe her? Detective Brandt […]

Jun 182012
Coffee at Little Angels

Coffee at Little Angels by Nadine Rose LarterSource: Review copy from authorLinks: Amazon, Goodreads, Author’s website What do you do when you lose a childhood friend? What do you do when you know everyone is expecting you to come home? What do you do if you don’t want to? Phillip, Sarah, Kaitlyn, Caleb, Maxine, Grant, Melanie and Josh grew up in a small town where they spent their high school years together as an inseparable clique. But high school has ended, and they are all living their own “grown up” lives, each under the impression that their group has basically […]

May 242012
The Last Man on Earth Club

The Last Man on Earth Club by Paul R HardySource: Review copy from authorLinks: Amazon, Smashwords, Goodreads, Author’s website Six people are gathered for a therapy group deep in the countryside. Six people who share a unique and terrible trauma: each one is the last survivor of an apocalypse. Each of them was rescued from a parallel universe where humanity was wiped out. They’ve survived nuclear war, machine uprisings, mass suicide, the reanimated dead, and more. They’ve been given sanctuary on the homeworld of the Interversal Union and placed with Dr. Asha Singh, a therapist who works with survivors of […]

May 162012
The Truth About Us

The Truth About Us by Dalene FlanniganSource: Review copy from authorLinks: Amazon, Goodreads What happens when the past catches up to the present and the truth surfaces? Three women, roommates back in college, find their lives forever altered when one of them feels compelled to confess the secret sin of their past. And whose truth is it? ‘The Truth About Us’ weaves the past and the present in a page-turner that explores the shifting quality of truth, and the cost of secrets. This story really focused on the 3 women, and how you felt about them really impacted how you […]

May 142012

Brightwing by Sullivan LeeSource: Review copy from authorLinks: Amazon, Goodreads, Smashwords, Author’s website Edgar and Mallory Battle are on the run after a spectacularly violent escape. Now, with a trail of bodies behind them, they need a hostage against the inevitable standoff with the police. Their first doesn’t last long, thanks to sociopathic Mallory. Edgar has been hiding his brother’s crimes since they were kids. Now he’s torn between family loyalty and self-preservation. They carjack Lucy Brightwing, a criminal fresh from her own heist, with a fortune of uncut gems hidden in her vehicle. She could escape but she won’t […]

May 112012
Monster Story

Monster Story by McCarty GriffinSource: Review copy from authorLinks: Amazon, Goodreads Christy McCauley has returned to West Virginia at last, but her homecoming quickly turns into a surreal nightmare. In the deep hollows and woods of rural Augusta County, something unspeakable is slaughtering people in the dark of night. Authorities don’t know if its human or animal, or how to stop it. Christy and her friends only know they must hunt it and destroy it, before it kills again. This was a scary good book. There is lots of tension before we find out that the monster is. It continues […]

Apr 192012
The Turning Tides

The Turning Tides (Marina’s Tales #4)by Derrolyn AndersonSource: Review copy from authorLinks: Amazon, Smashwords, Goodreads, Author’s website Marina has been through a lot in the past year; she knows what she wants, and she decides to take matters into her own hands to get it. When a twist of fate takes her away from Aptos, she returns to find that her whole world has changed once again. A fortune teller’s ominous prediction seems to be coming true, people around her aren’t who they appear to be, and to top it all off, she’s being followed again. Marina and Ethan only […]