Oct 252013
Review: Colony East

Picking up right after the first one ends, this story moves away from the immediate after effects of the disaster to more of a survival story. This shift happens smoothly, and pulls you into the story. While the first book was quite sad, this book did not cause the same emotions. I was more intriguing and entertained this time. The kids have adjusted so well, and are creating a life that is not just about danger. The older children on the island are trying to let the younger children still have a childhood, even though circumstances cause most of them […]

Oct 242013
Review: Night of the Purple Moon

This was a natural disaster story aimed at MG or young YA readers. There is plenty for older readers, but I think the emotions generated would be quite different for the different aged readers. As an adult, and a parent, I find the story very sad. Just thinking about children having to survive without anyone helping and supporting them breaks my heart. The science of the story was explained quite simply, and in a believable matter. I really appreciate that it wasn’t dumbed down for younger readers. In fact, none of the story had any of the lacking that is […]

Oct 162013
Review: Wool

I find it so hard to review books that I loved, especially long books. This is no exception. I loved this dystopian story. It reminded me strongly of The Passage, which I also loved. This was first written as 5 short stories, that have now been combined into one large novel. This structure means that the story regularly goes up and down in intensity. This structure really keeps the reader engaged since there is very little filler or lulls in the story. This structure, as well as the length, means that the focus of the story is able to shift […]

Jul 032013
Review: Branded

This was a quick moving story about love and survival. Lexi hasn’t had an easy life, and things just get worse when she’s falsely imprisoned for a crime she didn’t commit. Not only is she imprisoned, but she’s branded for her supposed sin, and it’s not a pretty one. I felt the setting was underutilized. The Hole wasn’t used for much execept a backdrop to Lexi’s suffering. It could have had a much bigger presence. Instead, the story focused more on the romance, which was hot and clean, but a little insta-love-y. The storyline itself moved very quickly, at times […]

May 092013
Review: The Twelve

After loving the first book, I was very excited and nervous about this second book. I really wanted this book to match the excitement and thrill of the first, and was worried that it would suffer the dreaded 2nd book curse. Happily, this book was a great addition to the series. The book started with a story from the beginning of the plague that was parallel to the first book. It eventually caught up to ending of the first book and went on from there. The timeline was a bit confusing at times as I tried to match the events […]

May 082013
Review: Etiquette for an Apocalypse

I wanted to like this book. It sounded like a funny take on a post apocalypse story. Unfortunately, it did not live up to my expectations. The story seemed disjointed and awkward in the beginning. It did not help that the writing jumped from around between standard novel format, to a play format. This change was distracting and didn’t lend anything to the story. Sophie was an unlikely heroine. A self-doubting, middle-aged woman who is now a drug dealer, Sophie is a hard woman to understand and like. She seems very self-absorbed, with little respect for either her mother, or […]

May 062013
Review: The Farm

This was an action packed story that still managed to have time for a sweet YA romance. The story is told from alternating viewpoints of Lily, Mel and Carter. The story mostly belongs to Lily, and this is very apparent from the way the viewpoints are used. Carter’s chapters are told in third person while the girls’ are in first person. Mel’s chapters are always less than two pages long, with the extent of her autism affecting every word. The only chapters that cover everything are Lily’s. Overall, the story is quite satisfying and engaging. The twist is fairly easy […]

Mar 152013
Review: The Passage

This book was very intimidating in length, and yet once I started reading, I flew through it. A psychological horror story about an experiment that went horrible wrong with earth shattering consequences, this is a book that is not easy to forget. And since the monsters in the book come out at night, it is a book that easily disrupts your sleep, both from fear of what is in the dark and from a desire to know what happens next. The story felt like it was split into 4 parts: Before, Walter & Amy, The Colony and The Journey. Each […]

Oct 012012
Review: Ashen Winter

This was an exciting, fast paced story that was quite a bit darker than the first book. Life is different than in the first book, but is seems neither easier nor harder, just full of different challenges. I enjoyed Alex even better in this book. His honor really stood out. His commitment to Darya was commendable. Even when faced with the temptation of easy sex, he stood firm to Darya. That sets a great example for readers, especially since the setting was one in which Darya would never know if it happened or not. While I enjoyed Alex, I did […]