Oct 162015
Review: Stray Bullets

This was a straight forward police procedure combined with courtroom drama story. The biggest “twist” is that it is very Canadian. The story is set in Toronto, Ontario, with locals sure to recognize scenery. The story clears shows the way the Canadian law and court systems work, with their subtle differences from US systems. I loved the sense of familiarity this book had. I find court-based stories to be rather relaxing as there is a definite pattern and expectation to the plot. Reading them is like wearing comfortable pyjamas, and to experience that with a Canadian version makes them flannel […]

Apr 092015
Review: Now You See Me

I am quite amazed at how many twists and surprises there are in this story. I never would have guessed the ending, but it was done in a way that absolutely made sense, it was just entirely unpredictable. The story is set in London, and has a decidedly British feel. It was interesting to see what British police procedure is like. It’s not very different from Canadian or American procedure, but there were a few quirks that made the story feel a bit foreign. Along that theme, I listened to the audiobook version, and it was narrated with an amazing […]

Sep 032014
Review: Silent Partner

While the description of this book does mention this is a paranormal police procedural, this doesn’t read like the Urban Fantasy story I was expecting. This is a old school hardboiled detective story, with a paranormal slant that feels out of place. The overall feel was a bit disjointed, and quite clunky, but the story itself was solid. From a character stance, I really liked Josh. He’s a trash magazine reporter who develops psychic abilities when he turns 30. He has some trouble adjusting, and waivers between thinking this is gift and a curse. His internal thoughts about this felt […]

Aug 052014
Review: Dirty Magic

This is a fun and exciting start to a new urban fantasy series. Kate’s a cop with a bad past who just wants to make a difference in the world today, while keeping her little brother safe and out of trouble. She’s feisty, and fights her way onto a task force aimed at taking down a new drug on the streets. I found the idea of the magical elements, the magic working and dirty versus clean potions to be very intriguing and new. I had a little trouble wrapping my head around the magic portion of the potion making, but […]

Jan 242014
Review: The Guilty Plea

Taking place a couple months after the first book, this story features many of the same characters, with some former secondary characters taking centre stage. Homicide Detective Ari Greene and Officer Daniel Kennicott are back on the case with a different Crown Attorney and defense lawyer squaring off in this murder investigation. This story is quite similar in layout, direction and feel as the first book. Whilte it featured a different murder, motive and lawyers, the investigation itself seemed to follow the same pattern and feel as the first one. The Toronto setting was as much a star in this […]

Jan 222014
Review: Old City Hall

This is a quick paced crime story that is part police procedural, part courtroom drama. With narration from the lead detective, the first officer on scene, the Crown attorney and the defense lawyer, this is a full view of a complex and mysterious murder investigation. Each of the characters is well developed and distinct, right down to the secondary characters that only appear occasionally. Only a few of the lawyers are a bit one-dimensional; the majority of the characters are believable, even if they sometimes seem unnecessary. One of the highlights of the book was the intense focus on the […]

Feb 062013
Review: The Sons of Jude

This was an intriguing police drama that was full of twists, turns and surprises. While there was lots of action, the characters were the focus of the story. They were very complex, with realistic depth and personality. Each person was unique and seemed very real. I was impressed by the amount of work that went into creating such complex characters. There was one character who was very religious, and yet it only popped up a few times. Each time it seemed like a surprise because while it was obvious that religion was very important to the character, it was also […]

Jan 112013
Review: Divine Intervention

This was a crime fighting mystery with a side order of psychic abilities and romance. As a police procedural, it is exciting with a slight futuristic vibe. It is a bit disconcerning to read a “future” story set in 2012, but it is still fun and exciting. The psychic abailities in the story were unique and interesting. I loved how everyone’s individual abilities worked together to create a coherent team. I would love to read more about each person’s abilities as I am sure they each have a story in their past. The team members also have a history together […]