Oct 312013
October in review

I mentioned last month that I wanted to switch to a new host, and I did, with absolutely no regrets. My new host is so much faster, it was worth the hassle of switching. I think things went pretty smoothly, and I don’t think I lost anything, which is always good. Tell me, do you notice a difference? Books read: In October – 14 Year-to-date – 112 Posted in October: Reviews – 13 Discussion posts – My DNFing Patterns, Review Indexes Author interviews – Peter Ward, Keith Domingue Cover interviews – Deborah Doucette, Rebecca D Elswick Author guest posts – […]

Sep 302013
September in review

This was a fast month full of excitement. My son started preschool this month, and is doing great. He loves it, and his teacher says he is a great little socializer. I figured he would be since he talks to everyone, but it’s nice to hear it from someone else. We went on a weekend adventure to Victoria, and while we didn’t get to do a lot of things we wanted to, it was fun. And I have a better idea of what we should do when we visit again in the spring. Books read: In September – 9 Year-to-date […]

Aug 312013
August in review

How could August fly by so quickly? I can’t believe that it’s already over. I managed to read a good amount of books this month, and I almost got caught up on posting reviews. Books read: In August – 9 Year-to-date – 88 Posted in August: Reviews – 11 Discussion posts – week in review posts Author interviews – Ermisenda Alvarez, Andi O’Connor Cover interviews – LK Evans, March McCarron, Dianne Lynn Gardner, Daniel Hope Character interview – Sebastian from Special Offers Author guest posts – David Niall Wilson, Michael Bowler Challenge Status: 2013 Audio Book Challenge – 8/12 – […]

Jul 312013
July in review

July went by very fast. I got in a decent amount of reading, but my reviews are starting to fall behind. I started a new cover interview series, and a newly weekly meme to find some awesome posts and blogs to read. Books read: In July – 11 Year-to-date – 77 Posted in July: Reviews – 9 Discussion posts – How book length affects reviewing Author interviews – Kaleb Quist, Debra Robinson, John Barlow, Jenna Black Author guest posts – none Cover interviews: June Stevens, Justin Beinvenue, Robert D Spake, SJ Hunter, ChristaCarol Jones Challenge Status: 2013 Audio Book Challenge […]

Jun 302013
June in review

Didn’t I just write one of these month end posts? It sure feels like it. It’s been such a busy month that it’s no wonder time seems to have flown by. I didn’t get much reading done this month, but I had a good reason. Books read: In June – 7 Year-to-date – 65 Posted in June: Reviews – 11 Discussion posts – Re-reading, Top Books of 2013… So Far Author interviews – Tracy Kauffman, Jordan McCollum, Stephanie Herman Author guest posts – Elizabeth Buhmann, Kourtney Heintz Challenge Status: 2013 Audio Book Challenge – 5/12 2013 Ebook Challenge – 24/50 […]

May 312013
May in review

The news of the month is obviously my moving to BC. Today is the day we leave on the drive there. I’m both looking forward to, and dreading, this drive. Should make for many memories though. Books read: In May – 12 Year-to-date – 57 Posted in May: Reviews – 11 Discussion posts – Author interviews Author interviews – ST Bende, Jordan Link, Erec Stebbins Author guest posts – L Andrew Cooper, Clare Marshall, SC Langgle, Ann Whitely-Gillen Challenge Status: 2013 Audio Book Challenge – 4/12 2013 Ebook Challenge – 21/50 2013 Self-Published Reading Challenge – 14/25 What’s coming in […]

Apr 302013
April in review

I had another great reading month, with my choices split prety evenly between physical and ebook. I had a more balanced selection of YA and adult, and had a greater range in ratings. Overall, it was a quick month, and I’m surprised how much I actually read. Blogwise, I started doing more discussion posts and had a lot of fun with them. My guest reviewer last month has officially joined as an occasional reviewer, so watch for more Martin Reviews in the future. I have a second occasional reviewer who might be joined too, which is exciting. And there will […]

Mar 312013
March in review

I once again had an almost completely unbooked reading month. Just like last month, I picked my reads based on my mood at the time, and it resulted in much more enjoyable reading. I have only had one DNF so far, and all ratings have been 3 stars or higher. I am moving in May, and have set myself a goal to reduce the number of physical books that I have to move. I went through them all and classified them as either “keep”, “read then give away” or “okay to give now”. My keep pile is quite small, less […]

Feb 282013
February in review

This has been an exciting month. Not only did I celebrate my 2 year blogiversary, I also continued reading mostly from my TBR list with few scheduled reads. This has very relaxing so far, and I am definitely enjoying it. I think that is reflected in the fact that I have enjoyed most of my reads so far this year (only 1 DNF and everything else 3 star or higher), and I am maintaining a steady fast reading pace. Books read: In February – 9 Year-to-date – 22 Posted in February : Reviews – 11 Discussion posts – week in […]

Jan 312013
January in review

I’m been off to a great reading start this year. It took almost all month to get all my 2012 reviews up, but I did it. I’ve also started to schedule posts on a loose schedule, with reviews on Mon, Wed, Fri and author posts on Tues and Thurs. It’s something I’m flexible on, but I am trying to stay balanced. I managed to read quite a few books this month. I’ve been having fun reading from my TBR list, with no commitments this month. It let me pick up whatever I felt like reading, which felt great. I did […]