Nov 022015
October 2015 in review

I’m just a few days late with my October review, but I actually got some reading done, so I wanted to share my stats anyway. Books read: In October – 10 Year-to-date – 106 Yay! I actually felt like I accomplished some reading this month. If I keep up this momentum I might be able to reach my goal of 125 books this year. It’s looking like it’s going to be close though. This month had a lot of audiobooks, so we’ll see how that goes since I don’t have a stockpile of them waiting for me anymore. Stats: This […]

Sep 302015
September 2015 in review

It’s been quite a while since I did a monthly review. I did a small review in July, but the last full one was in May. Books read: In September – 5 Year-to-date – 96 As you can see, my reading has been very slow the last few months, but I’m still on track to meet my goal of the year, mostly due to audiobooks. This is a great way to sneak in reading when you can’t, or don’t want to, read an actual book, and it’s definitely boosted my numbers this year. I’m slowly getting back into my reading […]

Aug 022015
July 2015 in review

I have been feeling out of sorts all month. It actually started just before my vacation in June, and doesn’t seem to be going away. I’m finding it extremely difficult to write reviews, and I’ve barely been reading at all. Everything just feels all wrong. I’ve had slumps before, both reading and review writing, but this one seems the worst ever. It seems to be a spiral as I’m not motivated to write the reviews in my backlog, and I don’t want to read and create more of a backlog. So round and round I go with no books and […]

May 312015
May 2015 in review

My reading has really slowed down this month. Summer has definitely arrived here, and we’ve been spending a lot of time outside, enjoying the weather. So it’s natural that my reading speed is slow. To offset that, I’ve been really enjoying the books I have been getting to, so that’s good. Books read: In May – 11 Year-to-date – 68 (halfway to my goal of 125 with a month to go before halfway through the year!) Favourite book of the month: This was a really hard choice this month because I read a number of great books. I usually pick […]

Apr 302015
April 2015 in review

I had a better reading month than March, but just barely. I spent a lot of the month too tired to do much, even read. But I’ve been feeling better this past week, so hopefully my reading speed picks up again. I feel like I’m barely keeping up with my Netgalley picks, let alone all the other books on my TBR pile. Books read: In April – 11 Year-to-date – 56 Favourite book of the month: I had a number of 5 star reads this month, but my favourite goes to The Well by Catherine Chanter. My review will be […]

Mar 312015
March 2015 in review

As I mentioned earlier this week, March has been a reading slump month. I’ve been flying through audiobooks, sometimes 2 a week, but physical and ebooks have been super slow. Books read: In March – 9 Year-to-date – 42 Favourite book of the month: I love finding a new series, and for this reason Hounded (The Iron Druid Chronicles #1) by Kevin Hearne is my favourite book of the month. This book has so much awesome humour in it. Reading it gave me the same joy reading First Grave on the Right gave me. I totally love paranormal books with […]

Feb 282015
Feb 2015 in review

February has felt like a quick and quiet month. I really don’t have a lot to say about it because nothing really stands out. Oh, except maybe that we have spring, with a few flowers popping up in the garden. I already have all my East Coast Facebook friends hating me for that, so I should probably brag about it here too. 🙂 Books read: In February – 14 Year-to-date – 33 Favourite book of the month: My favourite book of the month was The Prophecy Con (Rogues of the Republic #2) by Patrick Weekes. This was a very humourous […]

Jan 312015
Jan 2015 in review

It’s the first monthly round-up of the year! I’m so excited about it. This has been a very busy month with lots of ups (my son really beginning to eat actual foods) and downs (my grandfather passing away). With regards to books, I think it’s been all good. Books read: In Jan – 17 – Oh ya! What a great start to the year! Year-to-date – 17 Favourite book of the month: No question, my favourite book of the month was definitely Owl and the Japanese Circus by Kristi Charish. It was actually the first book I finished in 2015, […]

Nov 302014
November 2014 in review

The end of November already. This month was very busy for me with a trip home to see my family in Ontario. It was a great visit. I didn’t get all the posts scheduled that I planned on, and since coming back, I just haven’t had the motivation to get writing. Hopefully this is a short term thing and regular posting begins again soon. Books read: In November – 12 Year-to-date – 149! Favourite book of the month: This was a really hard choice because I really loved almost all the books I read this month. I think I’m going […]

Oct 312014
October 2014 in review

I don’t have a lot of news this month. I participated in a fun giveaway hop (today’s the last day), booked a trip home for next month, and had an annoying eye twitch for most of the past week. Seriously annoying. I’ve never had a twitch last more than a day, and after several days, my eye was really sore and tired. I just wanted to sleep until it stopped. Books read: In October – 12 Year-to-date – 135 Favourite book of the month: My favourite book this month was Clean (Mindscape Investigations #1) by Alex Hughes. My review isn’t […]