Apr 282014
Review: Deadly Games

Following shortly after book 2, this book starts slowly but builds to the fun and amusement that I’ve come to expect from this series. The plot sees the character spending quite a bit apart in small groups, and I found this lessened the excitement a bit. The characters are amusing, and a lot of that has to do with their interactions with each other. In that vein, I totally adore Sicarius. Is it weird that my favourite character is the silent and deadly assassin? He’s the straight man to everyone else’s droll antics. Plus Amaranthe’s attraction to him is highly […]

Mar 172014
Review: Dark Currents

This was a fun and humourous adventure story that feature a lovable cast of misfits. Picking up not long after the first book ends, the crew is out to try to generate some good will in their effort to clear their names. Amaranth is sure it won`t be too hard to start the good word flowing, but the crew seems to be a magnet for trouble. The highlight of the story is the characters. They each have fully formed personalities, and are quite distinct from each other. Together, they form an amusing, highly disfunctional, yet very tight family. Their bickering […]

Aug 262013
Review: Special Offers

This was a fun and humourous story. The humour often runs to sarcasm and one-liners, which kept with the light mood. The cover looks YA, but this is definitely an adult romance. It was almost a clean story, except there is one scene that is decidely not clean. The rest of the story is so light and clean feeling, that I wish the romance was too. The ending had a good conclusion, and a good opening for the next book in the series. My exact thought at the last scene was “ooh, that can’t be good”. Overall, this was a […]

Aug 192013
Review: Scorch

This is a dark story that still manages to be humourous at times, and entertaining all the time. Darker than the first book in the series, there is less humour and more serious moments, but it is still as engrossing. The best and worse thing about this book is the fact that the author is not afraid to kill the characters. For a book about death, it hurts to watch beloved characters die. It makes the threat of danger much more meaningful because, as the reader, you know that something could actually happen to the main characters. The ending is […]

Aug 122013
Review: No Hope for Gomez!

This is a dry humour story told in a unique format. Presented as a series of blog posts and blog notes, the story is presented in little snippets with some small time lapses between entries. I liked this style as it was original, and yet, as a blogger, the format and thought process behind it is familiar. Gomez is a bit of an odd duck. He is the owner of an antique shop, yet knows nothing about antiques. He seems to have no friends except for his mentally handicapped assistant and artistic neighbour. He is an experimental drug trial participant, […]

Aug 092013
Review: Croak

This is an awesomely funny, laugh-out-loud story filled with dark sarcastic humour. It is the perfect YA story to pick up when you’re getting sick of the normal YA drama. While the action is exciting and original, it’s the characters that got to me. Everyone is uniquely intriguing, and is a rightful “character”. My favourite is Driggs. Oh Driggs, you’re so funny and amusing. I loved that he and Lex actually threw punches and were constantly bickering. The tension was awesome to watch, and I kept waiting for things to explode between them. It was quite natural and amusing. Almost […]

Jul 292013
Review: I, Spy

This was a fun spy story told by a slightly bumbling female CIA agent stationed in Canada. This is a clean romance read, with a heavy dose of humour. The first half of the story was a little slow, but the second half more than made up for it in action scenes. Talia was a realistic heroine in that she was smart yet blind when it came to her boyfriend. It got quite annoying that she was totally in the dark at how her actions looked from his angle. You would think that since she has a huge secret, she […]

May 152013
Review: The Emperor's Edge

This was a fun, quirky steampunk read featuring a strong heroine. Amaranthe starts out as a good-guy all the way, and through some bad luck ends up on the wrong side of the law. She still has the best of intentions with a noble and good goal, however she is learning that sometimes rules need to be bent. As the leader of a motley group of guys, she is the heart of the story. Amaranthe has the ability to talk her way into and out of any situation, and can get almost anyone to do anything. For example, she somehow […]

Apr 252013
Review: Rumors of My Death

Have you ever had a bad day that just seems to keep getting worse? That is what happens to Dizzy, and it’s hilarious to read. This book is funny, sarcastic and over-the-top in exactly the way you want a comedy book to be. Dizzy seems like a nice enough person, but she’s a magnet for bad luck. How else can you explain losing your job, losing your girlfriend, setting fire to your kitchen and killing your canary, all within a span of a couple hours? I felt bad for her, even while snickering and giggling at her misfortune. This is […]

Feb 132013
Review: The Templeton Twins Have an Idea

This was a silly story meant for younger readers. It was a bit too much silliness for me, but I bet it would be perfect for the target audience. Written with a very present narrator, this would make a great read aloud story. While the story is written with a lot of humour, there is some serious content, such as a dead mother, moving house and being kidnapped. These themes don’t overwhelm the book, and instead the focus in on the children’s good attitude, natural abilities and adventure. As a book for younger readers, this would make a fun addition […]