Jan 082015
Review: The Accidental Alchemist

This was such a cute and fun story! The addition of a living gargoyle sidekick was definitely the best part. Can I please have a French expert chef gargoyle with a dry sense of humour? I promise to prioritize the need to find his missing property much higher than Zoe did. Without a doubt, Dorian was my favourite part of the book. When I went into it, I didn’t know it was the first in a series, but as soon as I was finished, I went looking to see if it was because I want more Dorian! Luckily, it is […]

Nov 202014
Genevieve Reviews: The Job

This is the third installment in this particular series, and this one is definitely consist with the first two. It’s a light hearted but well-written story about some cons who con the bad guys. It’s full of action, exotic locations, designer brands, and multiple capers. It’s fun, easy reading. Personally, I tend to get very emotionally invested in books. Will the two leads get together in the end? Will the bad guy get away? Is everything going to work out?!? It’s bad. I routinely look at the end of a book before I get there to see how things are […]

Nov 172014
Review: I've Got Your Number

This book is such a fun mixture of disaster and adventure. It has a feeling that is very similar to The Shopaholic series, but is a standalone story with a completely different setup. Well, not completely different as Poppy’s ridiculous exploits bring back the same rushed and energetic feel I get when reading the author’s other works. I can’t help but like Poppy. She may be a bit naive and fluttery, but she means well and is really good with people. Her adventures are fun to read, and I couldn’t help but laugh at some of things that happen. I […]

Nov 132014
Review: Fifth Grave Past the Light

I finally like Reyes! Prior to this book, I was a bit hesitant about him, with moments where I really didn’t like him. But this book showed that he really actually cares for Charley, and really understands her. It was just great, and now I will happily root for him. I also liked that we got to learn more about Garrett. He’s one of my favourite characters, and I love that he got more page time this book, and also that his secrets are slowly being revealed. It’s amusing to watch Charley and Garrett interact as their relationship is so […]

Oct 242014
Review: The Eye of Zoltar

Before I wrote this review, I looked up what I said for book #2 in the series, and realized most of my thoughts for this book are the same. This is a super fun, very entertaining read. Picking up not long after the end of book 2, this story sees Jennifer headed to another country on a quest, but don’t call it a quest because that would involve paperwork. She’s accompanied by an eclectic cast of characters, which shrinks and grows as the story progresses. She encounters one adventure after another, each one stranger and more entertaining than the last. […]

Oct 172014
Review: Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet

Oh, Charley, how I adore your antics. You may be having a hard time coping with the events from the last book, but once things start happening, you have a knack for ending up right in the middle of things. Often with a quip on your lips and a solution brewing in your head. Similar to previous books, this one had several plotlines criss-crossing and intersecting, with Charley being the focal point. Everything builds to exciting resolutions, with several new threads being spun out to come into play in the next book. Charley’s main case in this story involves a […]

Aug 272014
Review: To Die Fur

This is such a fun series. I was laughing out loud in multiple spots, and giggling like crazy in others. What else can you expect from a series that includes floating turtle ghosts, a talking reincarnated and very sassy cat, a ghost dog able to take the form of any breed, and a whole menagerie of other animals? Foxtrot is a great main character. She’s just the right amount of sanity, and controlled behaviour needed to offset all the paranormal craziness. Her practical and logical manner comes in very handy, and her quick wit and sharp thinking results in plenty […]

Jul 282014
Review: Third Grave Dead Ahead

I love this series. Seriously love this series. Since I’ve been reading a book month, you know it’s serious. This is just a great, sink into and laugh your butt off series. The characters, Charley’s inner monologue, and all the dialogue are just so entertaining. I love the characters we already knew, Cookie, Ubie, etc, but the new ones are great additions to the series. I hope we see more of Donovan and his motorcycle gang, as well as Mistress Marigold. She’s very much a mystery that should be fun to solve. Getting back to old characters, Reyes behaviour wasn’t […]

Jun 092014
Review: Second Grave on the Left

Oh let me count the ways I love this book. Sassy. Sarcastic. Ridiculous sitatuations. Grim reaper. Hot smexy guys. And the list goes on and on. I loved the first book so much that I had to pick up the second book right away. And I read it right away, finishing in less than 24 hours. I couldn’t put it down, I had to get as much fun and excitement as possible, as fast as possible. All of the characters from the first book are back, with Cookie having a very prominent role this time. She’s not as level headed […]

May 272014
Review: First Grave On The Right

Why did no one physically put this book into my hands and tell me to read it now because I would absolutely love it? Because I did absolutely love it! It is everything I could want in a paranormal book. Funny. Sassy. Sarcastic. Strong heroine. Smexy and irritating partner. Loving family members. Smexy paranormal guy who is probably bad. Action. Adventure. Everything! I honestly have no idea where to even start my review because I loved every aspect of this book. Charley was a great main character. She’s so sassy and sarcastic. She’s constantly spouting out one-liners that are highly […]