Jan 102014
Review: Sela

This may be the second book in the series, but it can almost stand alone. Set in the generation following the first book, this story featured a dragon stuck in human form, whose sole desire is to be herself. The story sees the return of a number of characters from the first book, as well a whole new generation of characters. I love this mixture of new and old, giving readers a familar basis while providing some exciting new changes. Sela is a strong girl who really undervalues her own worth and strength. She makes a great friend, and is […]

Jan 022014
Review: The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms

I picked this book up after I saw a readalong going on for it. I started after week 2 of 4, intending to join in and catch up with the readalong questions. Instead, I flew through the book, never stopping to answer the questions. I couldn’t, I needed to know what happened next. I loved the world building, the characters, and the gods. I basically loved everything about this story. There is an intense complexity woven into the story, and yet it’s easy to read, and easy to believe. The characters are intricate, and are written with strong personalities. Scimina […]

Nov 202013
Review: Middle On

I wanted to like this story, I really did, but it just didn’t happen. Orryk was a likable and sympathetic character. He’s all alone and looking for something to give him purpose. He latches onto the idea that he should find out why his father left, and where he went, when he abandoned his family when Orryk was a child. The plot sounds good. So why didn’t I like it? I think the main reason is that there is no resolution of anything in the book. A lot of time is spent introducing us to Orryk and his friends, and […]

Oct 212013
Review: Graceling

I feel like I’m one of the last people to read Graceling, but now that I have, I can see what all the fuss is about. Katsa and Po are so adorable. They give me warm fuzzy feelings. So entertaining together, I wanted more scenes with their bickering and fighting. I loved that they didn’t hold anything back in their fights, trusting each others skills and abilities. Katsa’s grace was quite useful and interesting. Everything seemed so effortless to her, even though she really had to work at understanding her skills. Her humility was quite refreshing, and her growth throughout […]

Oct 142013
Review: Thunder on the Battlefield: Sorcery

Reading this collection, I expected more magic and less violence. While magic and sorcery does feature in the stories, the violence still seems to be the dominant theme. The stories I enjoyed most were: The Ruins of St Louis by Selah Janel – A hinted love story set in the ruins of the future. This story seemed like a sneak peek at a full length story that I’d love to read. Mark of the Warrior by Steven Grassie – An honorable hero in a tragic situation, he strives to do the best thing for everyone, even when his options are […]

Oct 022013
Review: Thunder on the Battlefield: Sword

When I first started reading this collection, I was worried that the stories were all violence and half-naked women, with little substance, but the further in I got, the better the stories were. In the end, there were 6 stories that I really liked. Emissary by Marcella Burnard – This featured a strong heroine with a strong moral compass. She’s a warrier, but also has compassion and empathy for others. Also, she has awesome lions. The Red Hand by Alexis A Hunter – Ultimate betrayal and guilt. This story had powerful emotions in a few short pages. Where the Red […]

Sep 042013
Dark Triumph

Since I loved the first book in the series, I was really looking forward to this one. Unfortunately, this book didn’t live up to those expectations. Where the first book was exciting and unique, this one seemed a little slow. There was a lot less action, and a lot more family drama and romance. My favourite part of the story was the romance. Considering the fact that the main character is an assassin nun, I would assume that the action would take centre stage, but it didn’t in this story. The real story is Sybella and The Beast of Warwick. […]

Sep 022013
Review: The Gypsy King

This was an exciting story featuring a strong heroine. There was always something happening, and yet nothing felt forced. The action seemed to move fast in a very natural manner. Persephone is a strong girl. She has endured much, and yet has grown from the experiences, not letting them defeat or kill her spirit. Her interactions with Azriel were delightful to read. The tension between them is entertaining. Their attraction was slow and natural, yet quite forceful to watch. While I loved the story and the characters, the ending partially ruined it. It was the dreaded nonending. The action just […]

Aug 282013
Review: Everything Zing: Winter

This was a very imaginative and fun story. It started right in the action, which was a bit confusing as there were few explanations for what was happening. Once you get in a few chapters and begin to understand what is going on, the story becomes an exciting adventure. The story was full of great messages. Everything from the need to keep your inner child alive to being truthful to yourself to the downfalls of being materialistic, there is a message for everyone to take to heart. All of the messages are conveyed through the actions of the story, without […]

Aug 262013
Review: Special Offers

This was a fun and humourous story. The humour often runs to sarcasm and one-liners, which kept with the light mood. The cover looks YA, but this is definitely an adult romance. It was almost a clean story, except there is one scene that is decidely not clean. The rest of the story is so light and clean feeling, that I wish the romance was too. The ending had a good conclusion, and a good opening for the next book in the series. My exact thought at the last scene was “ooh, that can’t be good”. Overall, this was a […]