Sep 232015
Review: Spindle

This book was highly imaginative. It felt so creative and intriguing once I settled into it, but it did take quite a lot to get there. Without a doubt, the first part of the book was very confusing. As a reader you’re thrown right into the action of a crazy fairy tale retelling, but there are so many things not explained. Everything is creative and fun, but also confusing as there is no basis of understanding. Once you get into the later part of the story, everything seems to come together and I definitely felt like I had a handle […]

Feb 192015
Genevieve Reviews: Stitching Snow

Initially I liked this book. The setup was good, the world building was interesting, and the action starts right away. At the onset the main character, Essie, is introduced as a tough, no nonsense girl with serious fighting skills and limited social skills. Which is fine, it’s just I’ve seen this type of main character so many times. It doesn’t feel very fresh to me anymore. But I was willing to let that go because hey, maybe her character would develop more so she’d feel more unique. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen for me. As the book went on, Essie’s character […]

Dec 292014
Review: Beastly

I love the Disney Beauty and the Beast movie. So when I got a copy of Beastly, a Beauty and the Beast retelling, I was excited to see how it stood up, because I honestly haven’t read many fairy tale retellings. I was pleasantly surprised. This was a fun and light hearted story. It follows the classic storyline, but with a contemporary YA, set in New York City, twist. There is nothing earth shattering in this book, but it does make a quick and heartwarming weekend read. I enjoyed the complete transformation, including name, that Kyle did, and how he […]

Oct 022014
Genevieve Reviews: Thorn

This book is based on The Goose Girl, a Brothers Grimm fairy tale. I sort of wish I’d known that going in, because after doing some research it seems like some of the plot points that felt a little random were actually part of the fairy tale and that’s probably why they were included. Anyway, the first few chapter of this book were so interesting, I was drawn right in. The writing is strong, the world is interesting, and it felt relatively unique compared to other fantasy novels I’ve read. These first chapters introduce Princess Alyrra’s (AKA Thorn) family, who […]

Jul 142014
Review: Cruel Beauty

I haven’t really read many fairy tale retellings, but if this book is any indication, then I need to start seeking them out. Although, to be fair, while this is marketed as a Beauty and the Beast retelling, it is quite far removed from that story. Nyx has had a difficult life, knowing that she was to be married to the Gentle Lord since she was little. As a result, she’s not a happy person, and harbours a lot of anger towards her father and sister, most of which seems rightfully earned. And yet Nyx never gives up. She’s strong, […]

Jun 262014
Genevieve Reviews: Nameless

After tearing through Wayfarer, which was the second book in this series (I accidently read it out of order) I was really excited to read Nameless. I wasn’t disappointed. This one is very loosely based on Snow White. Cami, the main character, doesn’t remember where she came from and she struggles to feel like she belongs in her family and still wants to know what happened to her in her past. This series features one of the more interesting, weird systems of magic I’ve seen. Cami was adopted by the Family, which are, as close as I can tell, mafia […]

Jun 132014
Genevieve Reviews: The Girls at the Kingfisher Club

I ended up liking this book a lot more than I thought I would. Once the story really got going, it was captivating and I was on the edge of my seat until the very end wondering how everything was going to turn out. It was also impressive that the book had eleven sisters who managed to have, if not totally developed personalities, at least enough unique character traits for each sister that I knew which one was which, and I cared about what happened to all of them. Particularly, I ended up very invested in the romance between Josephine […]

Jun 062014
Genevieve Reviews: Wayfarer

There were lots of things to like about Wayfarer. I’m a fan of reinventing fairy tales, and this one is definitely puts an original twist on Cinderella. Her take on the fairy god mother was fantastic. The book is dark and funny at the same time, and I really enjoyed the author’s quirky and descriptive writing style. Ell as a character is likeable, despite the fact that sometimes she misreads things so badly I just want to shake her. I ended up liking the fact that she was determined and trying to do things on her own. Also, I think […]

May 292014
Review: Olde School

This was a delightfully fun story featuring trolls and ogres, magic and curses. With a very fairy tale feel, the story was quite charming. In the beginning, I was a bit unsure of the troll main character and whether I would connect enough with him to enjoy the story, but my fears were unfounded as Padd turned out to be an extremely likeable character. There were a few times when I felt he was a little slow on the uptake, but he was an all around nice guy who made a charming hero. He was surrounded by a cast of […]

Oct 092013
Review: Between the Lines

This was a fun and sweet fairy tale. Told from both Delilah and Oliver’s viewpoints, with inserts from Oliver’s fairy tale, this was a young YA story that was a delight to read. The story was a bit oversimplistic for older YA or adult readers, but I found it a sweet escape into an easily enjoyable story. Delilah is an average book loving introvert who finds comfort in reading. Oliver is a restless teenage boy whow wants more than just a fairy tale life. Together, they are striving to make their own happy ending. I listened to the audiobook version, […]