Dec 262014
Review: The Iron Locket + Giveaway

This story wove an intriguing mixture of King Arthur legends with faery tales. Many of the faery characters were recognizable from classic stories, such as the four Faery Queens. The way the faeries and King Arthur’s knights were connected was unique and believable. In addition to mixing King Arthur and faeries, there was also some modern humans in the form of faery hunters. The set up for them was also believable. I quite liked the histories and background woven into the story as everything was cohesive and logical. The characters themselves were well formed. The personalities were realistic, and there […]

Aug 122014
Review: Eyes Like Stars

This was a wildly creative story. With magic and fairies, and a whole theatre full of living characters, it was easily one of the most imaginative stories I’ve ever read. Bertie was very likable, and it was easy to understand and feel sorry for her. She grew up as an orphan in the theatre, being cared for by the employees, yet never really having a family. When her wild and unpredictable behaviour cares the Theatre Manager to threaten to kick her out unless she finds a useful role for herself, it’s easy to hope that she finds that role. To […]

Apr 242013
Review: The Whispers of the Sprite

This book makes me so sad. Not because the content is sad, but because I couldn’t finish reading it. I absolutely love the cover and the summary sounds exciting. Unfortunately, the story itself doesn’t live up to either. I made it most of the way through the book, but gave up when I realized there really wasn’t any plot developing. The start of the book was exciting. Ania’s overbearing mother is a mess with her leaving for school, and on the very first day away Ania is attacked. But that’s about it. There isn’t really much else that happens. Other […]

Apr 152013
Review: The Iron Witch

This was a simple pleasure read. A clean YA story, this book was filled with fun excitement. It was predictable, but very enjoyable. The world of magic and fey are not described or explained in much detail. The way the story reads, the details are obviously there, they just weren’t shared with the reader in this book. Only what was needed was revealed. I hope that future books provide more information. The main plot the story was wrapped up quite neatly, but there is obviously more to come. The overall story is far from finished. Overall, this was a story […]