Feb 252014
Review: Reclamation

This was a delightful ending to a fun series. There was an innocence to the storytelling that makes it perfect for young YA readers, but with a level of detail that will appeal to adult readers too. Picking up immediately after book 2, the story jumps right into the action and the beginning war. As befits a trilogy ending, and a war-stopping story, the intensity and action in this book are quite high. There are few lulls as there is so much to cover and do. All of this is accomplished without rushing the story though, which is tricky to […]

Jan 102014
Review: Sela

This may be the second book in the series, but it can almost stand alone. Set in the generation following the first book, this story featured a dragon stuck in human form, whose sole desire is to be herself. The story sees the return of a number of characters from the first book, as well a whole new generation of characters. I love this mixture of new and old, giving readers a familar basis while providing some exciting new changes. Sela is a strong girl who really undervalues her own worth and strength. She makes a great friend, and is […]

Mar 062013
Review: Seraphina

This was a unique and beautifully written story. The writing was lyrical and poetic, while still being exciting and captivating. The intrigue and politics were easy to follow and entertaining. This is a YA feeling story that featured grown-up characters. Seraphina was a very relatable character. She is filled with self-doubt and revulsion at her who she is, yet she is intelligent and creative and stubborn. She is a study of contradictions and ever changing moods that felt very realistic. Her character matured and grew slowly and realistically throughout the story. I was very surprised by Glissanda. When she first […]

Nov 262012
Review: The Song of the Quarkbeast

This was a pure entertainment read. Jasper Fforde’s novels are highly imaginative, full of humourous “don’t take me serious” magical adventures. This is the type of book you devour quickly, without paying attention to the review you plan to write. This series is fun, and yet has very involved plots and themes regarding the evils of greed, and the power of teamwork. This story focused on teamwork and resourcefulness. There was certainly magic and adventure, but it was less present than in the first book. The Quarkbeast was back, albeit in a less visible although still very important way. I […]

Sep 212012
Review: The Last Dragonslayer

This was a fun and quirky book. It reminded me of Jasper’s book Shades of Grey in a great way. Both books are innovative with intricate and imaginative worlds. Jennifer is a fun character. She’s honest and trustworthy and wants to do the right thing. The secondary characters are varied and unique. Each person has their own personality that stands out and makes them come alive. This book has a subtle theme about the power of emotion. They are cleverly woven into the story and only became apparent near the end. It generated a great statement of how greed is […]