Feb 252015
Review: A Ghostly Undertaking

When I first started this book, I found it a bit hard to get into. It didn’t seem to have enough Southern charm, but by the time I reached the halfway point, I was taking back this opinion. it took a bit of time for that charm to unfold, but it did, and it resulted in a delightful story. There was quite a bit of humour in both Emma Lee and Ruthie’s characters, and I loved the slow connection and almost friendship they developed. The same could be said of Jack Henry too, whose character was very sweet. The story […]

Aug 272014
Review: To Die Fur

This is such a fun series. I was laughing out loud in multiple spots, and giggling like crazy in others. What else can you expect from a series that includes floating turtle ghosts, a talking reincarnated and very sassy cat, a ghost dog able to take the form of any breed, and a whole menagerie of other animals? Foxtrot is a great main character. She’s just the right amount of sanity, and controlled behaviour needed to offset all the paranormal craziness. Her practical and logical manner comes in very handy, and her quick wit and sharp thinking results in plenty […]

Jul 082014
Review: The White Magic Five & Dime

This is an amusing and entertaining cozy mystery featuring a sarcastic and cynical main character who has just inherited a tarot shop from her estranged mother. This book seems to be equal parts present day mystery, past reflection of childhood upbringing, and excerpts from the tarot book the main character is studying. Each part is written with a lot of humour and they do all fit together in the end. The humour in this book is what I really loved. It fit my mood perfectly while reading this, and led me to really enjoy the story. The plot itself was […]

Feb 172014
Review: A Taste Fur Murder

This is an utterly delightful and amusing cozy mystery featuring a lot of animals and a strong dose of the paranormal. With dead cats and ectoplasmic dogs helping her, Foxtrot is tasked with preventing the murder of her boss ZZ by unknown parties in order to save a special graveyard. Throw in a heap of humour, a dash of romance, and a large eclectic cast of characters, and this makes for a very fun read. Foxtrot is quite likable, and easy to understand. She’s a kind hearted animal lover who adores her boss and her crazy life. She manages to […]