Nov 142013
Cover interview: Deborah Valentine

Who created the cover? Nick Holme. I used to be a managing editor for the publishing division of a events company. We did magazines niche-market and books. Nick was one of my reports. He joined us as an intern and worked his way up to senior designer, so I had watched his progress over an extended period of time and had always been impressed with him. He was imaginative, talented and easy to work with. He listened, which is very important. I’ve worked with designers who found that difficult and tended to be a tetchy if you wanted any changes […]

Oct 222013
Cover interview: Rebecca D. Elswick

What was your intention for the cover? I wanted the cover to reflect two things: First, Mama’s Shoes is a story of a little coal-mining town 1940 – 1960. The main character, Sylvia, is a beautician in the town’s Cut and Curl Beauty Shop. The “shop” as they call it, and the women who frequent it, are at the heart of the story so I wanted the cover to show a beauty shop. Second, the main character, Sylvia, is a beautiful woman known for her love of high heeled shoes, especially red ones. She dispenses advice on life to her […]

Oct 152013
Cover interview: Deborah Doucette

What was your intention for the cover? I wanted a beautiful cover that was evocative, and striking. I wanted it to convey a sense of mystery, secrets and emerging. How did you create the cover? I had the good fortune of working with a wonderful small press who allowed me cover input and approval and who worked with me to create what I think is a really beautiful and artistically balanced cover. However, because of the limitations of a small press, I had to work with easily accessed photography and looked through hundreds and hundreds of options before coming across […]

Sep 242013
Cover interview: Hemanth Gorur

What was your intention for the cover? The cover had to convey a sense of dark enigma, a touch of horror/terror, and shades of a woman’s sexuality. My book is a paranormal thriller and is the story of a woman who is destined to be violently brutalized in every lifetime. It deals with reincarnation and retribution. The cover had to demonstrate these themes yet not be so explicit as to convey an out-and-out “horror tale”. How did you create the cover? Well, I shopped around for designers, but maybe I fished in the wrong pond(s). Most designers I talked to […]

Sep 192013
Cover interview: Esther Wheelmaker

What was your intention for the cover? I wanted to make a cover that would define the book itself. Putting it in the graveyard (which was so much fun) really brought out the concept of death (if the title wasn’t clear enough already lol). However, I also wanted to add the strong female lead, that way I could show the concept of steampunk that is also a big part of the book. The right clothing (that I got from Steampunk Works) really showed the genre in that way. How did you create the cover? I had to find a graveyard […]

Sep 052013
Cover interview: Georgiana Derwent

Who created the cover? Scarlett Rugers – and I’d wholeheartedly recommend her. How much input did you have? Quite a bit, in terms of both the overarching concept and the little details, although the designer also used lots of her own ideas. The cover was designed from scratch and the designer was keen to ensure it fitted both my novel and my personal tastes – plus I’m quite a picky person! I’ve just looked over my old emails to refresh my memory on the process of designing the cover and we seem to have exchanged about twenty emails over two […]

Sep 032013
Cover interview: Timothy Maguire

What was your intention for the cover? I wanted to give a sense of what happens in the story. As you might imagine from the title, it’s about discovery and unwanted revelation, so the early mental image was for the reflection of a welcoming hand in someone’s eye. I also wanted to evoke the idea that something strange was going on, so distorting the colours inserted this sense of unreality. A final element I really wanted was to avoid what I refer to as the ‘badass babe in black’ trope you see on a lot of urban fantasy covers. I’d […]

Aug 292013
Cover interview: Daniel Hope

Who created the cover? David Habben, of HABBENINK. He’s a professional artist and illustrator, and I have been a longtime fan of his. When it came time to do my cover, I knew I wanted him to do it. How much input did you have? As much as I wanted. He’s very flexible with input. However, I really love his work, so I didn’t want to be too overbearing with input because I wanted his natural style to shine through. I was able to request a few changes as the need arose, but for the most part I just sat […]

Aug 272013
Cover interview: Dianne Lynn Gardner

I’ve previously reviewed Deception Peak, and hosted Dianne Lynn Gardner with a guest post for her blog tour, so I was excited when she contacted me for a cover interview. What was your intention for the cover? I have three books in the series. My intent for the covers were to run the same theme through all of them and at the same time grab a bit of the story atmosphere. For instance, Deception Peak is about a foreboding mountain, the dragon’s lair, so I painted an eerie mountain in the distance, with the ocean in the foreground. In The […]

Aug 132013
Cover interview: March McCarron

What was your intention for the cover? Most importantly, I wanted something that would look professional and be genre specific. I also wanted a cover that would capture the mood of my novel and give a hint about the plot. I did not want a generic one-size-fits-all fantasy cover with a sword or a hooded figure. It was also important to me that the cover work well as a thumbnail, as that is primarily how it will be viewed. I wanted the typography to be clear and eye-catching. It bugs me when I can’t read the title of a book […]