Nov 062013
Review: Night Shift

It took me a while to get into this book, but once I did, I was hooked. Jill is a hunter who polices the paranormal beings in her city, with the help of magical powers granted to her through an agreement with one of the bad guys. It’s a complex situation that took me a while to understand since it’s never explained very easily. The focus of this book is split between the case Jill is currently working on, and Jill herself. Jill is suffering from a lot of grief, and self-doubts stemming from the death of her teacher less […]

Nov 042013
Review: Obsidian

I’m probably one of the last people to start the Lux series, and oh my, I understand crowning Jennifer Armentrout as the queen of YA sexy. Wow, that is a hot book, and yet totally clean. I personally am not a big fan of Daemon. The bad boy with a jerk attitude just doesn’t cut it for me. But the tension and passion between him and Katy? That I could go for. You don’t have to like him to like that. I really liked Katy. Not just because she’s a blog blogger who loves books. She is strong and friendly. […]

Oct 282013
Review: Throwaway

This was a fun and clean romance featuring an unapologetic prostitute. Jessie has a great sassy attitude, and is not shamed about what her life is like now, or in her past. This mindset leads to a very unique twist on a standard romance story. The first half of the story really plays on the uniqueness of the story, and I loved it. Unfortunately, the second half of the story falls into standard romance territory. The finale is good, but doesn’t redeem the later half. Overall, this was a good romance story that started off with a unique heroine, but […]

Oct 072013
Review: The Touch of Sage

This was a sweet, clean romance. I found Sage to be a bit too naive for my taste, but that’s fairly typical with historical style stories. I kept wanting her to grow up a little and believe in herself. She raised her younger sisters and runs a boarding house by herself. You’d think she’d understand that she is strong, but that is not the case. Another issue I have with these stories, and Sage in particular is that her biggest desire is to get a husband and give him children. I am much too modern to see that as a […]

Sep 122013
Desert Fire

I was craving a sweet romance, and when I saw this on my ereader, I knew it was just the book to read. This is a clean romance that still has some heated passion. This story is loaded with humour. It makes for a quick light read. The humour is most prevalent in the banter between the characters, most notably between the McCall brothers. I love how they are all quite different, yet are still very close. The family dynamic is quite realistic, while being slightly more interesting and amusing than the average family. Overall, I enjoyed this story as […]

Jul 292013
Review: I, Spy

This was a fun spy story told by a slightly bumbling female CIA agent stationed in Canada. This is a clean romance read, with a heavy dose of humour. The first half of the story was a little slow, but the second half more than made up for it in action scenes. Talia was a realistic heroine in that she was smart yet blind when it came to her boyfriend. It got quite annoying that she was totally in the dark at how her actions looked from his angle. You would think that since she has a huge secret, she […]

Apr 222013
Review: Unbelievable

This was a clean sweet romance that lived up to the standard set by the first book. The romance followed a lust to love path that was believable and easy to follow. The best part of this book is the dialogue. It is witty and easy. It reads like people actually talk, and while humourous, also showcases the love the characters have for each other. Just like the first book, my favourite character was Booker. He has such a strong personality that his character stands out from the rest. While he isn’t portayed in the best light in this book, […]

Apr 152013
Review: The Iron Witch

This was a simple pleasure read. A clean YA story, this book was filled with fun excitement. It was predictable, but very enjoyable. The world of magic and fey are not described or explained in much detail. The way the story reads, the details are obviously there, they just weren’t shared with the reader in this book. Only what was needed was revealed. I hope that future books provide more information. The main plot the story was wrapped up quite neatly, but there is obviously more to come. The overall story is far from finished. Overall, this was a story […]