Mar 062014
Character interview: Goliath from Philistine

Instead of a regular author interview, today I have a special character interview with Goliath, the legend and main character of Steven Shrewsbury’s Philistine. Thank you for taking time to speak with me today. GOLIATH: I’m drinking after a long day, sitting, already and the women from the whorehouse aren’t here yet. Go ahead. What do you find is the most challenging aspect of being labeled Champion of the Philistines? GOLIATH: It’s different than being a legendary warrior or merc, in that while I’m bigger, and live on my reputation, I also have an army to back me up. True, […]

Aug 222013
Character interview: Sebastian from Special Offers

As part of the blog tour for Special Offers, I have author ML Ryan here today with a special interview with one of the characters. This is the perfect way to learn a little bit about the characters and the story, and will be enjoyable to both readers who have finished the story, and those who haven’t started yet. Hello! Today I am pleased to interview Sebastian Kess. Sebastian is a magical humanoid from the parallel dimension of Coursodon and has recently been restored to his own body after being trapped in a Kindle. What an interesting story. So, Mr. […]