Feb 262013
Review: Twice as Deadly

This book picked up minutes after the first book ended, which is good because the cliffhanger ending in the first book was killer. While it started right away, it did take a few chapters to get to the easy and relaxed feel of the first book. Those first few pages felt forced and formal, but once the writing relaxed, it was fun and entertaining again. This book focused on Bane, who is such a sweetheart. He seems to spend most of his time in the shadow behind Demon, and even in this story where he played the main part, I […]

Nov 212012
Review: Dark Halo

This was an intense and very dark horror story. Don’t let the moody paranormal angel cover fool you, this is horror story where people die. And not just the bad guys! I was so upset over some of the events that happened, but no way will I ruin it for you but revealing the victims. More than a paranormal adventure, this isn’t the religious rant that some angel stories become. There are more religious aspects than I was expecting, but more than anything, this story was about survival. It was suspenseful and scary and a lot of fun to read. […]

Nov 162012
Review: Katie's Hellion

I’m not sure where to even begin. This story had me so confused. It started right in the action with very little explanation given for the who the people were or how the world was set up with humans, immortals and Ancients. As the story progressed, it started to make a bit more sense, but I still have a lot of questions about world and creature history, and what purpose the Council of Seven serve, and what is the deal with Toby? One thing I did really enjoy was the snarkiness of Katie. She’s been thrown into this crazy situation, […]

Sep 242012
Review: Downside Girls

This is a short story collection that introduces the reader to the world of the Hidden Empire series. As an introduction, this book worked great. After finishing it, I knew I wanted to read the first book in the Hidden Empire series. The world building through the short stories was very well done, and made me want to experience more. Looking at each story individually, I liked Collateral Damage the best. It was simple yet complex. It was the first story in the collection, so offered my first taste at Angels and the world of topside vs downside. Things were […]