Mar 302015
Review: The Watchers

This book was long. So long. Not just in pages, but in feel too. Some long books can zip by, and you’d never know they were over 700 pages in length. With this book, I felt every page. I actually considered DNF-ing a few times, but by then I was already halfway through, and I kept thinking “I’ve already gone this far, I have to finish”. I mean really, once you’ve read 400 pages, what’s another 300? The book focused mostly on 3 people, Marc, Katherine and Jay. Of the three, I only really liked Marc. I didn’t care at […]

Jan 122015
Review: Uriel's Fall

I’m torn on how I feel about this book. It has some interesting ideas, and some witty banter, but it’s also very predictable, and some of the romance scenes were eye-rolling. The presentation of angels and demons was good. I like the concepts used, with the only difference between them being which side they’re on. I didn’t really get the concept of the cherubs. I’m not sure if it had to do with how it was explained, but it just left me confused. I don’t get the importance of them. The banter between Ronnie and the voice in her head […]

Sep 262014
Review: Unborn

This was both a familiar feeling story, and a forgettable one. Even within days of finishing it I was having trouble remembering the details from it. The story has an interesting premise: Khara spends half her time with Hades in the Underworld, and the other half with Demeter. She’s the other half of Persephone’s myth, so where ever one girl isn’t the other is. But Khara is suddenly pulled from this arrangement and dropped on Earth, in Detroit, and is found by one of Ares’ sons, who recognizes her as an unknown sister. And that’s where the story starts… The […]

Jun 242014
Review: Fallen Angel

This book felt like one big YA paranormal cliche. Ellie is a loner until she meets Michael, who is the hot new guy at school. He has a secret that Ellie shares too. Ellie’s parents know something, but they’re keeping it from Ellie “for her own good”, and now their refusal to share puts Ellie in danger with a big bad guy after her. And so on. I almost felt like I didn’t need to read to the end to know what happens. But I did read the whole book, if only because it was short and moved quickly. By […]

May 192014
Review: Sins of the Lost

This book is the darkest and deadliest of the series so far. The story is moving beyond Alex and her involvement with everything that’s happened so far, and is setting up for the big showdown. Like the last book, this is an intense Heaven versus Hell story, without religion. I find this incredibly intriguing, and very satisfying, in a slightly horrorific sort of way. While Alex is still very much near the spotlight of the book, I thought that more focus was put onto Seth. I didn’t really care for his character, either in the beginning, or when things really […]

Apr 232014
Review: Sins of the Son

I flat out loved this story. I really like the first book in this series, and I’m so happy that I loved the second book even more. This is an intense angel versus demon with looming apocalypse storyline. It’s heavily religion based, and yet the story doesn’t feel religious at all. I feel like it took the best parts of a religion-based plot (strong characters with familiar feel) and avoided the potential pitfalls (preaching) and delivered an overall amazing story. This story is set in Vancouver, which gives me warm fuzzy feelings. I love when stories are set in Canadian […]

Mar 032014
Review: Daughter of Smoke and Bone

I wanted to like this, I really did. Everyone else seems to. But when I realized at the halfway point and didn’t really care what was happening, I decided to give up. I should be engaged by then, wanting to know what happens next, but I just wasn’t. I think the problem I had was a lack of plot movement. It seemed like not a lot had happened so far, and what had happened wasn’t very exciting. I could probably summarize everything in one or two sentences, and that shouldn’t be enough for half a book. I was listening to […]

Jun 062013
Review: Soul Thief

I wanted to like this book, I really did. But I was too confused and unbelieving. I never got a good grasp of Katherine’s situation, partly because her history is never really explained. Her character in the beginning few chapters doesn’t seem to match who she was after she left the city. They are just too disconnected. I was also unclear on some of the ideological and religious points. I felt like there were some explanations left out or assumed, and without a strong religious background, it’s hard to understand what is going on. The dialogue between the characters was […]

Apr 082013
Review: Sins of the Angels

This was a clean yet sexy thriller that was part paranormal and part police drama. The tension between Alex and Aramael was steamy and exciting, matched in excitement by the action happening around them. Alex was a great female main character. She was stubborn and smart and outgoing. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind or put others in their place, especially Aramael. Both frustrating and entertaining, she was character you could both cheer for and want to shake. The combination makes for a great heroine in an urban fantasy story. The only downside to the book was the slightly […]

Apr 032013
Review: Shadow of the Sun

This was a book that I was drawn to as soon as I saw the cover. It is gorgeous with a sci-fi feel. and fits the mysterious and adventurous summary. Needless to say, when I picked it up, I had high expectations. Unfortunately, I was left feeling very unsatisfied and let down. The plot felt like it moved quite slowly, and there was a lot of repetition. Over and over Gabriella talked about her grief and her feelings for Andrew. It was the same feelings and thoughts every time, and it just felt like too much. I didn’t connect with […]