Oct 192015
Review: Year Zero

Dude. This book is so funny. It’s like Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy but with music instead of the demolition of Earth. Apparently the Earth isn’t far into its evolution. Except for music. Earthlings make music that completely outdoes anything else in the galaxy. So much so that they restarted the galactic calendar based on when they started listening to it. And now the galaxy owes us because of our copyright laws. Like big time owes us, and they obviously aren’t happy about it. So starts the book, and the hilarity of aliens and lawyers, and bad puns and a ton […]

Dec 222014
Review: Blindsight

This was a very intellectual feeling sci-fi alien story. I feel like a lot of it went over my head, especially in the first half, but it was interesting, so I kept reading. By the end, I think I really liked it, even if I didn’t fully understand everything. This felt quite different than a standard alien story as there were philosophical wanderings and musings by the narrator. The narrator himself was quite unusually, not feeling fully human as he had half his brain replaced with a machine when he was a kid. It made for a unique perspective in […]

Dec 102014
Review: Fortune's Pawn

I’m always quick to say I love sci-fi books, but less quick to say I have a soft spot for space stories. Space and alien stories usually have way more potential than they actually deliver. Part of that is because female characters seem to be highly stereotypical in this genre. I’m super happy to say that this book killed those stereotypes and brought lots of action delivered through a very impressive female protagonist. Devi is a very focused and career driven woman. She knows what she wants, and she’s willing to do the work to get it. She’s not looking […]

Nov 192014
Review: The Ultra Thin Man

I’m rather on the fence about this book. On one hand, this an intricate conspiracy story set on multiple planets with aliens and duel narration. On the other hand, the narrators are so identical they’re almost interchangeable and the world building is woeful low on details. Breaking it down, looking at characters first. The story is narrated by two old-school private investigators in alternating chapters. One has a first person narrative while the other has a third person narrative. That’s about the only difference between them. Other than that, the characters are super similar. At times, I found the only […]

Nov 112014
Review: The Three-Body Problem

I don’t read many translated stories, but this sounded like an interesting science fiction alien story. Unfortunately, I don’t think it quite got there. I DNF’d a third of the way in, and hadn’t reached any mention of aliens. I found this book read more like a science or history textbook than an actual story. There were historical tidbits, complete with footnotes, and an overall dry and unengaged feel. The first few chapters were all background information, and I found myself skimming it as I couldn’t see the importance of it to the story. Overall, the blurb sounded interesting, but […]

Aug 062014
Review: The Darwin Elevator

This book was disappointing. I was expecting a thrilling space story with aliens. But there wasn’t much space, and no visible aliens. Instead, it’s a military themed story about humans fighting each other. The story starts as centered around Skyler Luiken, a pilot immune to the disease that has ravaged most of the world. He and his immune crew scavenge parts from areas outside the protected circle at the base of the space elevator. While I liked Skyler and his continual self-doubts and esteem issues, his crew were much more enjoyable. In particular, his second in command Sam is a […]

Jun 052014
Review: What Came from the Stars

This was an intriguing YA story told in alternating chapters between Tommy on Earth, and the Valorim on their home planet. The viewpoints were quite distinct, and yet went together easily. Tommy’s chapters were all present time, focusing on the current action, while the Valorim chapters started with the history of events leading to Tommy’s possession of the chain, and continued up to and including the events that happened after Tommy’s story ended. Unlike a lot of YA science fiction, there was no dumbing down on the details. The Valorim were a well thought out race, with a complete history. […]

Nov 042013
Review: Obsidian

I’m probably one of the last people to start the Lux series, and oh my, I understand crowning Jennifer Armentrout as the queen of YA sexy. Wow, that is a hot book, and yet totally clean. I personally am not a big fan of Daemon. The bad boy with a jerk attitude just doesn’t cut it for me. But the tension and passion between him and Katy? That I could go for. You don’t have to like him to like that. I really liked Katy. Not just because she’s a blog blogger who loves books. She is strong and friendly. […]

Oct 042013
Review: Reach: A Twin-Bred Novel

This story picks up immediately after the first one ends, with the majority of the Twin-Bred on a journey into space, with an unknown destination in mind. There were a few times in the beginning where I was confused about situations and characters as there is no recapping or explanations. With that in mind, it would be best to keep the time between reading the two books quite short, as opposed to my 2 years. I really liked the journey to the wormhole and the destination beyond. I liked how Mara tried to avoid being the designated leader, and instead, […]

Jul 262013
Martin Reviews: The Human Division

With the rise of serial ebooks on Amazon and other outlets, there is a new cast of offerings for thirsty readers, and John Scalzi’s latest effort, The Human Division, is no exception. This work, released as thirteen individual short stories between January and April of 2013, is the fifth installment of the Hugo Award nominated Old Man’s War series and Scalzi’s first experiment with a serial format. Scalzi mentions that the challenge in writing in this fashion was that each chapter, or single, had to succeed as a stand-alone story. Whether or not this contributed to a coherent whole (the […]