Jan 062015
Review: There Will Be Lies

This was an interesting mesh of YA contemporary, mystery, and North American fantasy. The mythology and fantasy part was completely unexpected, and I found myself wishing it wasn’t there, so I could concentrate on the contemporary mystery. The mystery portion is all about Shelby, and who she is, and what is going on with her mother. I liked the way this plotline unraveled. There were multiple twists and turns, and was very exciting. I found that I didn’t even try to guess what was coming next because I was too busy enjoying the story. In contrast, the fantasy-based part of […]

Nov 192014
Review: The Ultra Thin Man

I’m rather on the fence about this book. On one hand, this an intricate conspiracy story set on multiple planets with aliens and duel narration. On the other hand, the narrators are so identical they’re almost interchangeable and the world building is woeful low on details. Breaking it down, looking at characters first. The story is narrated by two old-school private investigators in alternating chapters. One has a first person narrative while the other has a third person narrative. That’s about the only difference between them. Other than that, the characters are super similar. At times, I found the only […]

Aug 042014
Review: Gone Girl

This book made my head explode. In the best and messiest way possible. I tried really hard to think of a way to describe this without swearing, but I can’t. This book is a serious mindfuck. There, I said it. And it’s true. The start of this book seems relatively normal. Nick comes home and his wife is missing and there appears to be signs of foul play. He’s obviously a suspect in the case. The story is narrated in alternating viewpoint chapters, one for Nick and then one for Amy. Everything progresses as expected, and it’s easy to see […]

Jul 302014
Review: Every Other Day

This was a fun paranormal story. It was lacking a bit in depth, and seemed very juvenile YA at times, but I still enjoyed it because it was plain entertaining. A large part of the entertainment came from the supporting characters. Kali was an okay character, but I found myself drawn more to Skylar and her brothers. Skylar was very funny and perceptive. Her brothers were protective, and their relationships and behaviour towards each other were amusing and realistic. There’s nothing like buying a “You’re #4” keychain for a sibling to really show how your family dynamic works. The plot […]

Jul 212014
Review: Gravely Inanimated

Wishy-washy, woe-is-me female characters annoy me, and unfortunately I just couldn’t take the main character in this book. Lucy seems to lament the fact that she’s single one minute, and then suddenly she’s met 2 men and is worried that she’s leading them on by not making a decision between the two. This change happens within days, after meeting one of the men only once. It just made me roll my eyes so hard it hurt. I made it a third of the way through the book, but it didn’t feel like much action was happening, and what little action […]

Apr 222014
Review: Suddenly a Spy

Sometimes you just need a fluff read. This book fits that bill. It’s a classic romance action story with a lot of entertaining humour. The humour was the highlight of the story for me. There was witty banter, silly jokes, and Jeff’s antics were very amusing. I spent most of the book with a grin on my face because it was down right amusing. The actual story was a bit too over-the-top unrealistic for me. Ronnie went from an average office worker to super spy in just a few glossed over months. Her reasonable reaction of anger at learning her […]

Mar 102014
Review: Rebel Spring

This second book was a mix of unexpected deaths, multiple viewpoints and exciting developments. The death toll in this book was similar to the first, in that there are quite a few deaths, especially for a YA story. Some of the deaths were totally unexpected, which made for interesting reading. I love when authors aren’t afraid to kill beloved characters, and this series certainly fits that bill. This book focused on four main characters, and they all had chapters from their viewpoints. I think this multiple narrative had a few too many narrators. I found the constant narrator changes to […]

Oct 282013
Review: Throwaway

This was a fun and clean romance featuring an unapologetic prostitute. Jessie has a great sassy attitude, and is not shamed about what her life is like now, or in her past. This mindset leads to a very unique twist on a standard romance story. The first half of the story really plays on the uniqueness of the story, and I loved it. Unfortunately, the second half of the story falls into standard romance territory. The finale is good, but doesn’t redeem the later half. Overall, this was a good romance story that started off with a unique heroine, but […]

Apr 172013
Review: The Pun Also Rises

I love puns. The cornier, the better. With that in mind, I was interested to learn a bit of history about puns. I didn’t realize how old the pun is, or how varied they can be. I also didn’t know that must puns are not meant to be funny, and that at various points in history, they were used quite seriously. The book itself was at times humourous and entertaining, and at other times dry and slightly boring. When the focus was on ancedotal stories, the book was great. Both entertaining and educational at once. When the focus was on […]

Apr 152013
Review: One Moment, One Morning

This was a powerful look at how grief affects people differently, and how your closeness to the person who passes away may not have a direct effect on the way it touches you. The story had a serious tone, yet was engrossing and entertaining. More character driven than plot driven, the story focused on three women and how their lives changed within a week. This condensed time frame allowed minute detail to be disclosed and discussed in an intimate way. It was never overwhelming, but instead, helped bring the characters to life and make them more realistic. Overall, it was […]