Sep 122013
Desert Fire

I was craving a sweet romance, and when I saw this on my ereader, I knew it was just the book to read. This is a clean romance that still has some heated passion. This story is loaded with humour. It makes for a quick light read. The humour is most prevalent in the banter between the characters, most notably between the McCall brothers. I love how they are all quite different, yet are still very close. The family dynamic is quite realistic, while being slightly more interesting and amusing than the average family. Overall, I enjoyed this story as […]

Aug 262013
Review: Special Offers

This was a fun and humourous story. The humour often runs to sarcasm and one-liners, which kept with the light mood. The cover looks YA, but this is definitely an adult romance. It was almost a clean story, except there is one scene that is decidely not clean. The rest of the story is so light and clean feeling, that I wish the romance was too. The ending had a good conclusion, and a good opening for the next book in the series. My exact thought at the last scene was “ooh, that can’t be good”. Overall, this was a […]

Aug 142013
Review: Daughter of the Sea

This story was a disappointment. The mythology was great, with a unique twist on Atlantis, but the execution did not match the potential of the story. Everything seemed to happen too fast and the ending didn’t really have a good conclusion. There were numerous gaps of time where it wasn’t even mention how much time had passed. But for everything to have happened, the time lapsed over the course of the book seemed much too long. Calista was a frustrating character. She was a mix of brave and whiny, headstrong and brat. She was forever changing her mind and causing […]

May 152013
Review: The Emperor's Edge

This was a fun, quirky steampunk read featuring a strong heroine. Amaranthe starts out as a good-guy all the way, and through some bad luck ends up on the wrong side of the law. She still has the best of intentions with a noble and good goal, however she is learning that sometimes rules need to be bent. As the leader of a motley group of guys, she is the heart of the story. Amaranthe has the ability to talk her way into and out of any situation, and can get almost anyone to do anything. For example, she somehow […]

Apr 242013
Review: The Whispers of the Sprite

This book makes me so sad. Not because the content is sad, but because I couldn’t finish reading it. I absolutely love the cover and the summary sounds exciting. Unfortunately, the story itself doesn’t live up to either. I made it most of the way through the book, but gave up when I realized there really wasn’t any plot developing. The start of the book was exciting. Ania’s overbearing mother is a mess with her leaving for school, and on the very first day away Ania is attacked. But that’s about it. There isn’t really much else that happens. Other […]

Apr 032013
Review: Shadow of the Sun

This was a book that I was drawn to as soon as I saw the cover. It is gorgeous with a sci-fi feel. and fits the mysterious and adventurous summary. Needless to say, when I picked it up, I had high expectations. Unfortunately, I was left feeling very unsatisfied and let down. The plot felt like it moved quite slowly, and there was a lot of repetition. Over and over Gabriella talked about her grief and her feelings for Andrew. It was the same feelings and thoughts every time, and it just felt like too much. I didn’t connect with […]

Mar 182013
Review: Anathema

This was a quick story that contained many unexpected secrets and twists. I wasn’t expecting some of them, which made for delightful surprises. I love Reychel’s name. It is creative twist on a common name that makes an impact in a written story. I’m not sure it would be great in real life since it would always be mispelled, but it works great in a book. Reychel was a strong fighter who quickly grew to trust and believe in herself. SHe went through several traumatic events that seemed to enhance her instead of destroying her. I was surprised at how […]

Feb 192013
Review: Ice Tomb

This book had a little bit of everything from volcanos, a trip to the moon, a trip to Antarctica, Atlantean myth, romance and disappearing scientists. It seems like a wide variety, but it does tie together to form a cohesive story. Not exactly plausible, particularly the later part of the book, but it is certainly entertaining. There were scientific explanations provided for everything that happened along the way. While this makes sense since the story has all scientist characters, it was a bit much at times. The full details did not need to be laid out every time; it just […]

Feb 042013
Review: ETA-Estimated Time Of Arrest

With a distinct political angle, this book was different from what I usually read, but I was hoping the intrigue and action would still result in an enjoyable story. Unfortunately, the plot took so much time to start that I gave up. There was a lot of history and back story given, but not enough of the current story. The main plot in the present day seemed to be Faustine’s angst and teenage crush for Rafael. It came across as very juvenile and annoying. If it had been a smaller portion of the plot with something else taking centre stage, […]

Jan 162013
Review: Warriors Of The Cross

I got halfway through this book before I gave up. This is first a relationship story with a medical backdrop, with barely a hint of paranormal. Almost all of the story that I finished was about Allison and Brody. He’s not really mentioned much in the summary, but he certainly features very strongly in the book. Allie and Brody’s relationship was one teenage drama after another, which was very annoying as they are not teenaged characters. They never seemed to communicate, just leap to conclusions based on flimsy “evidence”. I rolled my eyes at them so often I could have […]