Oct 122015
Review: The Accidental Prophetess

This was a fun action story with a lot of humour. Natalie has quite the adventure with The Society kidnapping her on the belief that she is a mystical prophet. Natalie is ditzy and reminded me a lot of the Shopaholic series, and a little like Stephanie Plum. She doesn’t always think things through, and that leads to disasters that are really amusing to witness. She does have good supporting friends, which help keep the story from getting too ridiculous. Overall, this was a nice light-hearted read with some frivolous fun.

Apr 252015
Review: Crux

Urban Fantasy can often be very steamy, and this book is definitely hot. It didn’t cross into explicit, but there was a lot of very fun tension running through most of the book. The book mostly revolves around Mackenzie, but I’m not entirely sure I like her. She undergoes a lot of change and growth in the story, but it almost felt like too much. She went from super scared in the beginning, to quite confident near the end, and it just felt a little too rushed. I did love the supporting characters though. There was a camaraderie between them […]

Apr 282014
Review: Deadly Games

Following shortly after book 2, this book starts slowly but builds to the fun and amusement that I’ve come to expect from this series. The plot sees the character spending quite a bit apart in small groups, and I found this lessened the excitement a bit. The characters are amusing, and a lot of that has to do with their interactions with each other. In that vein, I totally adore Sicarius. Is it weird that my favourite character is the silent and deadly assassin? He’s the straight man to everyone else’s droll antics. Plus Amaranthe’s attraction to him is highly […]

Apr 182014
Review: Open Minds

This was an exciting story that started as a high school paranormal drama, and morphed to a high-powered thriller. The action comes fast and furious, and caused me to stay up late just so I could finish the last 50 pages. I couldn’t put it down without getting to the end. I loved Kira. She was a likable heroine whose internal dialogue was easy to relate to. Her soft heart and strong moral compass are great attributes that helped make her character easy to support. Kira’s ability, or disability, had very realistic reactions within her high school. This was especially […]

Apr 162014
Review: The Writer

While I enjoyed the premise of the story, this was one instance where the writing left me DNFing the book. I found the plot pacing was too uneven. Nothing happened for long stretches, and then too much happened all at once. It was hard to follow and stay engaged. I found the wording to be very repetitive, with the same details being retold over and over. Combining that with the constant verb tense changes that had me rereading passages to understand what was happening left me exhausted and unable to enjoy the story. I can usually overlook or read past […]

Apr 112014
Review: Shadowmagic

This book makes me think of jazz hands and Irish accents and magic. All of which is a direct result of the fact that I listened to the audiobook version. The podcast version precisely, where due to the serialized publication method, each chapter had an intro and outro with Celtic music and an overly enthuastic rendition of the title. The audiobook production was actually quite well done. It’s the first time I’ve listened to a book narrated by the author, and it was very pleasant. There was a lot of excitement and variation to the narration, and it’s obvious the […]

Mar 172014
Review: Dark Currents

This was a fun and humourous adventure story that feature a lovable cast of misfits. Picking up not long after the first book ends, the crew is out to try to generate some good will in their effort to clear their names. Amaranth is sure it won`t be too hard to start the good word flowing, but the crew seems to be a magnet for trouble. The highlight of the story is the characters. They each have fully formed personalities, and are quite distinct from each other. Together, they form an amusing, highly disfunctional, yet very tight family. Their bickering […]

Dec 022013
Review: y1

This was an intriguing book that happened to teach me a little bit of knowledge on a lot of varied subjects, all while focusing on an exciting plot and enthralling characters. I’d never have believed that a book could take a murder mystery, a missing person mystery, paranormal abilities, fire dancing, pharmaceuticals, South Pacific geography and history, and meritocracy teachings and turn it into one cohesive story. Yet this book managed it. I loved how all the various elements played into each other in a smooth and believable manner, yet there was very little info dumping. Instead, the learnings where […]

Nov 262013
Review: The Secret Holocaust Diaries: The Untold Story of Nonna Bannister

This was a remarkable story about a young Russian girl who lived through WWII and the Holocaust. There are obvious ties to Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl, but since it’s told from a completely different nationality, and from someone who survived, it makes for a uniquely different story. Something that really struck me was how many happy memories Nonna included in her tale. This isn’t just a stark look at the horrors she survived, but there are as many joyful memories from her past, both before the war and during the early years. It was heartening to know […]

Oct 072013
Review: The Touch of Sage

This was a sweet, clean romance. I found Sage to be a bit too naive for my taste, but that’s fairly typical with historical style stories. I kept wanting her to grow up a little and believe in herself. She raised her younger sisters and runs a boarding house by herself. You’d think she’d understand that she is strong, but that is not the case. Another issue I have with these stories, and Sage in particular is that her biggest desire is to get a husband and give him children. I am much too modern to see that as a […]