Feb 162015
Review: Mistress of My Fate

Told in a diary-memoir style, this is the beginning of Henrietta’s tale of her rise from a poor orphan cousin living in a noble man’s house to a well-known London courtesan in the 1700s. This first book covers a large portion of time and moves fairly quickly, although there is significant detail provided. I think this detail may have hindered my enjoyment of the book a little bit because there was just so much of it. This is a really long book, but a lot of detail could have been eliminated, without affecting the story at all. I found that […]

Jun 052014
Review: What Came from the Stars

This was an intriguing YA story told in alternating chapters between Tommy on Earth, and the Valorim on their home planet. The viewpoints were quite distinct, and yet went together easily. Tommy’s chapters were all present time, focusing on the current action, while the Valorim chapters started with the history of events leading to Tommy’s possession of the chain, and continued up to and including the events that happened after Tommy’s story ended. Unlike a lot of YA science fiction, there was no dumbing down on the details. The Valorim were a well thought out race, with a complete history. […]

Dec 122013
Review: Shadow of Night

While I had a hard time enjoying the first book because I found it slow and burdensome, this second book was quite smooth and enjoyable. It starts right where the first book ended, with Diana and Matthew arriving in 1590 Elizabethean England. I think this setting is what made the difference. To me, this felt more like a time travel story with paranormal elements, with very few ties to the first book. The focus here is for Diana to understand and learn to control her abilities. Yes, she is still looking for Ashmole 782, but that is not nearly as […]

Nov 222013
Review: After Life

This was a unique and introverted look at a woman whose whole life seems to be built on lies and truths intertwined in a way that makes it impossible to tell the difference between the two. It made for an interesting yet complex story. Something about this book reminded me strongly of Haunting Violet, enough though the books have very little in common. The only real connection is that the heroines both grew up with mothers who were mediums, but there is a feeling in both of them that I can’t explain. Overall, this was an enjoyable, quiet read that […]

Nov 042013
Review: Obsidian

I’m probably one of the last people to start the Lux series, and oh my, I understand crowning Jennifer Armentrout as the queen of YA sexy. Wow, that is a hot book, and yet totally clean. I personally am not a big fan of Daemon. The bad boy with a jerk attitude just doesn’t cut it for me. But the tension and passion between him and Katy? That I could go for. You don’t have to like him to like that. I really liked Katy. Not just because she’s a blog blogger who loves books. She is strong and friendly. […]

Aug 302013
Review: Grave of Angels

This was a hard, harsh mystery thriller. While it may have featured a female protagonist, it was anything but soft or emotional. This story was all about the action. I didn’t really like the characters, with the exception of Di Milo and Grange, two of Kate’s employees. They were the only characters with depth, and so felt the most real and deserving of emotion. Kate is not a good girl heroine in any way. She has a dark past and isn’t afraid to use threats or force to get what she wants. I found her very hard to like, and […]

Aug 202013
Review: Darker Still

This was a delightful and delicious story. The magic involved was exciting and intriguing. The romance was sweet and slightly breathtaking, although very clean. It’s amazing what sparkling personalities and a few kisses can convey. I loved the diary format of the story. It made the story intimate and personal. A great way to do first person narrative, this format is fun to read. Part of the attraction is the fact that the story stuck to important things, and didn’t wander too much into repetitive and mundame matters. Natalie was under such time constraints and pressures that there just wasn’t […]

Aug 192013
Review: Scorch

This is a dark story that still manages to be humourous at times, and entertaining all the time. Darker than the first book in the series, there is less humour and more serious moments, but it is still as engrossing. The best and worse thing about this book is the fact that the author is not afraid to kill the characters. For a book about death, it hurts to watch beloved characters die. It makes the threat of danger much more meaningful because, as the reader, you know that something could actually happen to the main characters. The ending is […]

Aug 092013
Review: Croak

This is an awesomely funny, laugh-out-loud story filled with dark sarcastic humour. It is the perfect YA story to pick up when you’re getting sick of the normal YA drama. While the action is exciting and original, it’s the characters that got to me. Everyone is uniquely intriguing, and is a rightful “character”. My favourite is Driggs. Oh Driggs, you’re so funny and amusing. I loved that he and Lex actually threw punches and were constantly bickering. The tension was awesome to watch, and I kept waiting for things to explode between them. It was quite natural and amusing. Almost […]

Aug 052013
Review: Out of the Easy

This was a beautiful, lyrical story filled with passion and hope. With a theme about overcoming obstacles and making your own destiny, this was a powerful message book with an entertaining story. While it seemed more about the characters than the plot, there was still plenty of action. The characters all seemed very well developed, and each was as individual as a real person. One of my favourite characters was Willie, the hard-faced madam who obviously loved Josie to pieces. The ending was quite lovely. Everything came together in a nice neat way, yet was still believable and true to […]