Oct 252013
Review: Colony East

Picking up right after the first one ends, this story moves away from the immediate after effects of the disaster to more of a survival story. This shift happens smoothly, and pulls you into the story. While the first book was quite sad, this book did not cause the same emotions. I was more intriguing and entertained this time. The kids have adjusted so well, and are creating a life that is not just about danger. The older children on the island are trying to let the younger children still have a childhood, even though circumstances cause most of them […]

Oct 242013
Review: Night of the Purple Moon

This was a natural disaster story aimed at MG or young YA readers. There is plenty for older readers, but I think the emotions generated would be quite different for the different aged readers. As an adult, and a parent, I find the story very sad. Just thinking about children having to survive without anyone helping and supporting them breaks my heart. The science of the story was explained quite simply, and in a believable matter. I really appreciate that it wasn’t dumbed down for younger readers. In fact, none of the story had any of the lacking that is […]