Aug 272013
Cover interview: Dianne Lynn Gardner

I’ve previously reviewed Deception Peak, and hosted Dianne Lynn Gardner with a guest post for her blog tour, so I was excited when she contacted me for a cover interview. What was your intention for the cover? I have three books in the series. My intent for the covers were to run the same theme through all of them and at the same time grab a bit of the story atmosphere. For instance, Deception Peak is about a foreboding mountain, the dragon’s lair, so I painted an eerie mountain in the distance, with the ocean in the foreground. In The […]

Oct 172012
Review: Deception Peak

This was an exciting and fun adventure story aimed at a younger YA male audience. It was enjoyable as an adult female reader, but I can see how it is aimed for a different audience. Ian is a relatable character. His attitude toward school and girls seemed realistic, and while the adventures he has are unusual, his reactions and emotions are not. They felt reasonable and realistic. I was a bit disappointed in Alex, Ian’s father. He seemed so out to lunch when it came to anything related to reality. It was hard to like or respect him as a […]

Oct 172012
Guest post: Dianne Lynn Gardner

As part of her book tour, I have Dianne Lynn Gardner here today with a guest post about theme. The Ian’s Realm Saga has a theme. World English dictionary on Theme:  a unifying idea, image, or motif, repeated or developed throughout a work From the Prequel Deception Peak, its sequels The Dragon Shield and Rubies and Robbers, there’s a unifying theme that is threaded throughout its pages–an idea that’s been wound tightly to my heart. Of all the swords and sorcerers in fantasy literature, I see the well-meaning theme of good versus evil. And even though many of those stories […]