Apr 232013
Review: The Mackenzie Legacy

This was a fast and entertaining YA read. It starts right after the first book ends, with Cal and Cali on the run towards Cali’s home. From there it branches out to include Layla and Michael, and their struggles. Things escalate quite quickly for all the characters, culminating in an ending that was a bit easy, but still relatively satisfying. While Cal and Cali are both sweet characters, my favourite is Layla. She is much more complex than any of the others. She has been raised to intentionally use her power without mercy, and it will be very interesting to […]

Sep 262012
Review: The Athena Effect

This was a great slow romance story that was mostly clean with just a bit of implied sex. The story was mostly about Cal and Cal, with the plot about Cal’s mysterious history playing more of a minor role. The interplay between Cal and Cal was great. Seeing situations from both viewpoints gave a complete picture and really highlighted how the way people see things may not be the full truth. I loved getting to know Calvin and his story. It was quite understated but seemed real and sad. His reactions and thoughts seemed genuine and misunderstood. Despite his initial […]