Oct 282014
Review: Penumbra

This was an exciting book three, with lots of action and series advancement. But. Big but. The series stops after this. There are no more books, even though the overall story arc cries out for a fourth book. In this book, Sam strikes out away from Gabriel, which is good for her, and a great kick at him and his overprotective nature. I loved that part, and seeing what Sam could do and be. She gets a lot of answers, and even if some of them are extremely predictable and slight annoying, they are still confirmed. But there are so […]

Sep 292014
Review: Generation 18

As a second book, this was quite strong and enjoyable. The story has a strong plot that stands alone, yet still ties into the first one, and the overall characters and story arc are advanced well. The big draw of this book is the information learned about Sam’s past. In the first book, she struggled with knowing nothing. In this book, she’s starting to learn things, and they are both unsettling and intriguing. I can’t wait to learn more in the next book. One thing I really like about the whole series is the inventiveness of the world and the […]

Aug 262014
Review: Memory Zero

This was a fun and action packed start to a new urban fantasy series. The most interesting feature of this book was the inclusion of shapeshifters and shapechangers. These are two very different abilities in this book, and it was interesting to learn about the differences. The explanations were very clear, for this, as well as other paranormal creatures, which made the unique types easy to understand and keep straight. Sam makes a good heroine as she has many puzzles in her past. They are mostly just touched on in this first book, with a few hints given here and […]