Feb 272015
Review: Hunter's Trail

This was the best book in the series so far! There was so much humour in the story that I found myself actually laughing out loud several times. There was lots of series development, and several plotline closures in this book. It had a very satisfying feel to it. Scarlett did a lot of growing up in the book, and seems to be coming into her power and potential some. Of course, she makes a lot of amusing missteps along the way though. On the character side, I found myself actually liking most of them, although Scarlett’s roommate Molly was […]

Feb 032014

For the first part of this book, I found myself wondering if this was going to suffer from book-two-itis and make me quit the series. Why? Because not much seems to happen in the first half. The last part of the book convinced me that this story isn’t that bad, and I should continue with the series. This book is really about Scarlett, Olivia, and their past together. Due to this focus, there seemed to be a lot of reflecting and reminiscing, and not much action. This in turn made the book feel slow and unexciting. The final few scenes […]

Dec 162013
Review: Dead Spots

This was an exciting story featuring a unique paranormal skill I’ve never heard of. Scarlett is a null, which means she basically cancels out paranormal abilities within her personal bubble of space. With this ability, Scarlett is a cleaner, getting rid of paranormal-related messes so regular humans and cops don’t find them. When a cleaning goes bad, trouble ensues. Scarlett was a great character. She’s smart and logical and very careful with her life. She’s suffered a lot of tragedy, and is basically just going through the motions of living when the story starts. Getting thrown into a murder investigation […]