Oct 102012
Review: The Protectors

This book followed right after the first book, and continued Katrina and her friends on their adventures. It is definitely a series book, jumping right into the action without any back telling. The final 1/3 was mostly a set-up for the next book, which was quite disappointing. Everything about this book seemed a bit too easy. Katrina and the girls never really face any obstacles that they might not overcome. It is hard to become invested in the story when you know there is nothing uncertain that will happen. I know reading it that every time the group faces an […]

Sep 202012
Review: Katrina, The Beginning

This is a very fast moving story about vampires. I was well into the story and happened to notice I was only on page 60. It seemed like I was further in since I was deep in the action. I loved the unique view of vampires as being evolved in a mostly peaceful race who don’t terrorize humans. The Watchers helped to explain this angle, and helped support the interspecies storylines. There were a few items that I found a bit “off” though, such as the way Kat so easily switched from being in love with Quinn to Damien. It […]