Jul 242013
Review: Replica

This was a fast moving story that sucks you in. It’s centered more on Nadia than Nate, but they both play prominent roles, with the view point switching between the two. I found that the story was as much about the characters growing and evolving as it was about solving the mystery of who killed Nate. Nate’s death didn’t seem like a huge deal, probably because he was replaced immediately, and there really wasn’t a difference between the original and the replica. Both Nate and Nadia do a lot of growing up in the book. It was admiral to watch […]

Jul 232013
Interview: Jenna Black + Giveaway

What are your thoughts on ebooks? (i.e. love them, hate them, wave of the future) I have very mixed feelings about ebooks. There are times when I love them. I love not having to guess how many books to bring with me when I’m traveling–I can take my Kindle with me and have access to as many books as I need. I love the instant gratification of being able to download a book immediately after it catches my attention. (It’s especially nice with series, when I get to the end of a book and am absolutely dying to find out […]