Nov 182014
Review: Beyond the Shadows

The final book in any trilogy usually has a lot it needs to accomplish, and this book was no different. I’m very happy that not only did it wrap everything up in a satisfying and believable way, but there was a depth to the story that I was not expecting. I mentioned in reviews for previous installments that this series has a lovable protagonist, and that the series overall is supposed to have a balance of light and dark. Where the first book was really dark, this finale was really light. I was very surprised at how prevalent the theme […]

Oct 292013
Review: Shadow's Edge

It sounds funny to say, but I find Kylar to be a very lovable assassin. He is very human, and struggles constantly with the various aspects of his life, and how they fit together. His love for Elena and Uly are pure, and he is always trying to do the best by them. The world building in this story is very detailed. It built on the foundation set up in the first book, and while it briefly summarized what was already provided, it didn’t feel repetitive. The more I read of this world, the more I want to know. This […]

Jun 242013
Review: The Way of Shadows

This was a dark and violent story with incredibly intricate world building. The storyline was filled with twists and turns, including a number of unexpected surprises right near the end. In a book about assassins, violence is to be expected. There is a lot of it, in many different forms of abuse. But there is also hope and love. In an interview at the back of the book, the author says “There is darkness and grit in these books, but I think that’s balanced and ultimately overcome with hope and redemption”. I don’t think it’s overcome in this book alone, […]