Oct 202015
Review: Midnight Thief

Meh. This book left me feeling meh. It’s not so much that I disliked it, I just didn’t feel much for it at all. Kyra was very mousy and naive for someone who grew up on the street. She seemed rather bland and one dimensional. I just never came to care for her much. I did enjoy Tristan’s character, although he was rather stereotypical. He did have a little depth to him, which made him my favourite of the bunch, but there honestly wasn’t much to choose from. I found the story really slow to start. It seemed to take […]

Aug 292014
Review: Poison Dance

A standalone prequel, this is an exciting introduction to the world and setting used in Midnight Thief. I was impressed at how much history and set up were included, especially since there was no dreaded info dumping. I got to learn quite a bit about the Guild and how it works, and met some very interesting characters. As a way to make me interested in the actual first book, this prequel did its job. I’ve heard there are discrepancies in feel and tone between this prequel and the first book, and that makes me sad as this prequel was quite […]

Jul 252014
Genevieve Reviews: Midnight Thief

I’d been looking forward to reading this book for a long time and I was counting down the days until it came out, but I ended underwhelmed. The plot is actually pretty interesting and as I was reading it I was thinking, I should be engrossed by this, I should be on the edge of my seat, but I never got there. The writing in this book is very simplistic, and I didn’t get a real sense of personality or voice from it. There weren’t any clever turns of phrase, no attitude in the narration at all. When I’m reading […]