Jan 152014
Review: The Twisted Tragedy of Miss Natalie Stewart

After reading and loving the first book in the series, I was really looking forward to the second book. Unfortunately, I didn’t love this book nearly as much because it was nothing like the first book. Unlike the first book which was in diary format, this was told in a regular narration style. Where the first book stuck to important highlights, this one descended into a repetitive detail overload. With Natalie’s worries and fears repeated over and over, the narration became annoying instead of tragic. The overall feel of the story is slow and steady. The plot and magic involved […]

Aug 202013
Review: Darker Still

This was a delightful and delicious story. The magic involved was exciting and intriguing. The romance was sweet and slightly breathtaking, although very clean. It’s amazing what sparkling personalities and a few kisses can convey. I loved the diary format of the story. It made the story intimate and personal. A great way to do first person narrative, this format is fun to read. Part of the attraction is the fact that the story stuck to important things, and didn’t wander too much into repetitive and mundame matters. Natalie was under such time constraints and pressures that there just wasn’t […]