Jul 072014
Review: Next to You

As the second book in a duology, this was a great second half of the story. Unlike the first book, this book is told from Dan’s point-of-view, with their written correspondence also taking a narrative role. I found this an interesting twist, as most romance stories seem to be told from a female view. While I did find the narration style interesting, I could never bring myself to like Dan. He’s just not a likeable character. He’s very controlling and overbearing and more than once he said that if Becca would just let him make the decisions, then everything would […]

Mar 242014
Review: Where Life Takes You + Giveaway

I’ve been in a romance mood lately. This book seemed like it would fit the bill nicely while also adding a psychology angle with Becca’s issues. I found the first part of the book a bit confusing as I tried to figure out who everyone was, and how they all related and fit in. I also had a hard time understanding Dan as the hero since his first impression seemed to be more stalker. As I read further into the story though, it began to suck me in. I admit that I had a hard time liking the characters. Dan […]