Oct 212014
Review: Kitty Goes to Washington

In a refreshing twist on the usual super confident alpha heroine featured in most urban fantasy series, Kitty Norville is not any of those things yet. She wants to be, kind of, but is more of a wary, submissive shifter. This book saw a lot of growth in Kitty towards that confident personality. When she goes to Washington to testify at a Senate hearing, things seem to happening, good and bad, and just keep escalating. She has run ins with the local vampires, shifters, and even the government agency that is focus of the Senate hearing. With all that action, […]

Dec 032012
Review: Kitty and the Midnight Hour

I feel like I’m one of the last people to start this series. But I’ve started, and hope to get all the way through. The first book is a great beginning. Kitty is a unique character in that she isn’t an alpha werewolf, she’s is most decidedly at the bottom of the pack. She does show considerable growth throughout the story, however doesn’t “magically” or unrealistically become an alpha overnight. This book gave me a unique look at werewolf packs. There is an enormous amount of politics within the pack. There is also a lot of behaviour that is uncomfortable. […]