Jun 162014
Review: Shadows & Dreams

It’s hard to believe I read the first book in this series 6 months ago because I still remember most of the characters quite easily. Of course, Kate Kane is hard to forget, just ask the numerous ex-girlfriends that litter the story. Like the first story, this book is full of action with multiple overlapping plotlines. There are a multitude of paranormal creatures, with Kate being an interesting mix of Fae and human herself. This book delivers well on snark and sass. The action is non-stop, while still being easy to follow, and the characters are well developed individuals. I […]

Dec 092013
Review: Iron & Velvet

This is a dark and gritty Urban Fantasy story about a half-Fae PI who is hired to investigate the murder of a werewolf outside a vampire bar. The book has a lot of elements I say I don’t review, like tons of profanity (mostly f-bombs) and some graphic sex (of the lesbian variety), but it was still very enjoyable, in a kickass paranormal with lots of humour way. The element that made the book great, and made the profanity and sex fade into the story, was the attitude of the main character. Kate is sarcastic and snarky, and isn’t afraid […]