Mar 092015
Review: Mortal Heart

I really enjoyed this ending book of the trilogy. It was incredibly sweet and romantic. Not at all what I’d expect from a series about assassin nuns, but when I look back at the series overall, there was a lot of romance, and it was all handled really well. Something that I didn’t really pick up while reading, but seems obvious looking back is the symbolism of the titles. It really speaks to the purpose of each book, and what portion of the god is revealed. It is a really nice touch to have such meaningful titles. The high point […]

Sep 042013
Dark Triumph

Since I loved the first book in the series, I was really looking forward to this one. Unfortunately, this book didn’t live up to those expectations. Where the first book was exciting and unique, this one seemed a little slow. There was a lot less action, and a lot more family drama and romance. My favourite part of the story was the romance. Considering the fact that the main character is an assassin nun, I would assume that the action would take centre stage, but it didn’t in this story. The real story is Sybella and The Beast of Warwick. […]

Jan 282013
Review: Grave Mercy

This book is well worth the considerable hype it has gotten. Assassin nuns are definitely worth read. I found that although this is classified as YA, it’s definitely on the older end of that scale, almost an adult read. I would describe it as a historical romance with healthy helping of spy action. I was disappointed that the spy training was skipped, and that the actual assassin action took a back seat to the romance story, but at least the romance was sweet and well written. Gavriel is a gentleman and a good match for Ismae. He is both aggravating […]