May 192014
Review: Sins of the Lost

This book is the darkest and deadliest of the series so far. The story is moving beyond Alex and her involvement with everything that’s happened so far, and is setting up for the big showdown. Like the last book, this is an intense Heaven versus Hell story, without religion. I find this incredibly intriguing, and very satisfying, in a slightly horrorific sort of way. While Alex is still very much near the spotlight of the book, I thought that more focus was put onto Seth. I didn’t really care for his character, either in the beginning, or when things really […]

Apr 232014
Review: Sins of the Son

I flat out loved this story. I really like the first book in this series, and I’m so happy that I loved the second book even more. This is an intense angel versus demon with looming apocalypse storyline. It’s heavily religion based, and yet the story doesn’t feel religious at all. I feel like it took the best parts of a religion-based plot (strong characters with familiar feel) and avoided the potential pitfalls (preaching) and delivered an overall amazing story. This story is set in Vancouver, which gives me warm fuzzy feelings. I love when stories are set in Canadian […]

Apr 082013
Review: Sins of the Angels

This was a clean yet sexy thriller that was part paranormal and part police drama. The tension between Alex and Aramael was steamy and exciting, matched in excitement by the action happening around them. Alex was a great female main character. She was stubborn and smart and outgoing. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind or put others in their place, especially Aramael. Both frustrating and entertaining, she was character you could both cheer for and want to shake. The combination makes for a great heroine in an urban fantasy story. The only downside to the book was the slightly […]