Mar 102014
Review: Rebel Spring

This second book was a mix of unexpected deaths, multiple viewpoints and exciting developments. The death toll in this book was similar to the first, in that there are quite a few deaths, especially for a YA story. Some of the deaths were totally unexpected, which made for interesting reading. I love when authors aren’t afraid to kill beloved characters, and this series certainly fits that bill. This book focused on four main characters, and they all had chapters from their viewpoints. I think this multiple narrative had a few too many narrators. I found the constant narrator changes to […]

Dec 122012
Review: Falling Kingdoms

This book reminded me very strongly of Game of Thrones. The story revolves around multiple characters who are part of different countries. There are power struggles and war and lots of conflict. The story still manages to be very YA, even with the mature themes. The main characters are all in their late teens, and family plays a strong role in the book. I noticed a theme that while love is a motivater for a few of the characters, it seems that only the teens actually seemed to experience it. The adults all seem motivated by darker emotions, mostly greed. […]