Jun 192015
Review: Rogue

It took me almost 2 years to finally read this series ender, but it didn’t feel like it. By the time I read the first 10 pages, I was completely sucked in and felt comfortable understanding everything that was happening. That’s a great sign since the previous books obviously made an impression somewhere in my memory. This book fit right into those impressions, and fulfilled my expectations wonderfully. The darkest in the trilogy, this book still has the overall humour vibe of the series. It meant the book was very entertaining, even with a lot of darker undertones. Like the […]

Aug 192013
Review: Scorch

This is a dark story that still manages to be humourous at times, and entertaining all the time. Darker than the first book in the series, there is less humour and more serious moments, but it is still as engrossing. The best and worse thing about this book is the fact that the author is not afraid to kill the characters. For a book about death, it hurts to watch beloved characters die. It makes the threat of danger much more meaningful because, as the reader, you know that something could actually happen to the main characters. The ending is […]

Aug 092013
Review: Croak

This is an awesomely funny, laugh-out-loud story filled with dark sarcastic humour. It is the perfect YA story to pick up when you’re getting sick of the normal YA drama. While the action is exciting and original, it’s the characters that got to me. Everyone is uniquely intriguing, and is a rightful “character”. My favourite is Driggs. Oh Driggs, you’re so funny and amusing. I loved that he and Lex actually threw punches and were constantly bickering. The tension was awesome to watch, and I kept waiting for things to explode between them. It was quite natural and amusing. Almost […]