Jan 052015
Review: The Fourth Rule of Ten

My complaint for the last book in this series was that it was missing the zen feeling of the previous books, and I have the same complaint with this book. I think it has to do with the political feel of both books. This one featured a human trafficking ring, which is sure to dampen anyone’s zen feelings. There was a lot going on in this book, and while it was a bit disjointed and busy in the beginning, things did come together in the end. There were multiple mysteries, which all take a logical path to their conclusions. I […]

Feb 102014
Review: The Third Rule Of Ten

Unlike the previous books in the series, this book was missing the zen feel that I associate with this series. There is a very good reason for this: the book is mostly about Ten’s current problems, and his unwillingness to deal with them. As a result, his life and mind are in turmoil, and this translates to the overall feel of the book. Once Ten started dealing with things in the later part of the book the zen feeling started to return, but I found it was a little too late. One of the primary draws of this series is […]

Jul 102013
Review: The Broken Rules of Ten

This was a short story about Tenzing’s past. It takes place during his last summer at the monastery, and fills in the mystery of why he left, and lays the basis of why he became a cop. It’s a story about love, loss of innocence and personal growth. I loved the glimpse into monastery life. It is so different than my life, and seems like a unique experience. The schedule and rituals are so rigid and steeped in tradition. I find it utterly fascinating. This is a stand alone story, but I think that it would offer the most enjoyment […]

Dec 172012
Review: The Second Rule Of Ten

Like the first book in the series, this story was a unique mix of zen Buddhism and detective action. Ten is an ex-monk, ex-police detective turned private investigator whose background colours his every action. There is lots of action, but the highlight of the book is Ten’s Buddhist background and his current inner turmoil. Ten has very normal doubts and fears, which make him very relatable and likable. His character underwent great growth and enlightenment in his quick trip home. His trip was all about Ten, and seem almost like a treat to the reader as it wasn’t about the […]