Jun 102014
Review: Unbearable

I’m so excited that this trilogy has a finale and that Booker gets his turn at romance. Booker has been my favourite character the whole series, and this book makes me very happy. It’s filled with humour and love and adventure. Everything I wanted for a finale. This was a sweet read. Even though reading about Tess’ past was heartbreaking, her continual urge to be comfortable with herself and her present was very rewarding. Booker was such a strong supporter of Tess that it was impossible not to love them separately and together. Each of the couples from the previous […]

Apr 222013
Review: Unbelievable

This was a clean sweet romance that lived up to the standard set by the first book. The romance followed a lust to love path that was believable and easy to follow. The best part of this book is the dialogue. It is witty and easy. It reads like people actually talk, and while humourous, also showcases the love the characters have for each other. Just like the first book, my favourite character was Booker. He has such a strong personality that his character stands out from the rest. While he isn’t portayed in the best light in this book, […]