Dec 092014
Review: The Impossible Knife of Memory

Quite frankly, I loved this book. It felt so raw and real. I could picture the characters as real people, and Hayley’s feelings and emotions really resonated with me. Even weeks after reading it, I still remember vividly how emotional this made me. I think the authenticity of Hayley’s ever changing emotional state is the part I most connected with. She goes through some very dark spells that I really understood. I’ve never been in her situation, but the emotions that came through in the writing were very real. It takes real skill to create emotion that leaps off the […]

Jul 152014
Review: The Book of Life

The trilogy finale is here, and it’s the best book of the series. Picking up right where the second book stops, this story is all about Diana, her powers, and Ashmole 782. I was worried about whether I would like this volume as I adored the second one, and I credited it to the historical setting. My worries were for naught as this story was utterly captivating. With the focus on Diana’s babies, her powers, and her final search for The Book of Life, there were plenty of situations that demanded attention. Diana spends a great deal of time still […]

Dec 122013
Review: Shadow of Night

While I had a hard time enjoying the first book because I found it slow and burdensome, this second book was quite smooth and enjoyable. It starts right where the first book ended, with Diana and Matthew arriving in 1590 Elizabethean England. I think this setting is what made the difference. To me, this felt more like a time travel story with paranormal elements, with very few ties to the first book. The focus here is for Diana to understand and learn to control her abilities. Yes, she is still looking for Ashmole 782, but that is not nearly as […]

Nov 222013
Review: After Life

This was a unique and introverted look at a woman whose whole life seems to be built on lies and truths intertwined in a way that makes it impossible to tell the difference between the two. It made for an interesting yet complex story. Something about this book reminded me strongly of Haunting Violet, enough though the books have very little in common. The only real connection is that the heroines both grew up with mothers who were mediums, but there is a feeling in both of them that I can’t explain. Overall, this was an enjoyable, quiet read that […]