Oct 272014
Review: Seeing The Light

This was a quirky ghost story set in Edmonton, Alberta. With likeable characters Marie, who can see ghosts but doesn’t want to, and Farley, who is a recent ghost who wants to find out what caused his death, this story was a fun and fast read. I will admit that I was a bit leery at first as the premise of a reluctant “ghost whisperer” character is nothing new, but there is a gentle sassiness to this story that is quite entertaining. Marie is very much an optimist, even when her string of bad days seems like it will never […]

Jan 132014
Review: One's Aspect to the Sun

I rarely read space stories, but after reading this one, I question why I don’t pick them up more often. This was an exciting adventure featuring a strong woman who wants answers to her missing mother, and her seemingly inability to age. The characters in the story were very entertaining and complete. Luta is the main character, but is far from being the only relatable one. All of the crew members are fully formed, with unique personalities. Luta’s family members, her ailing husband and headstrong daughter, are two of my favourite characters. The three of them interact as a believably […]

May 202013
Review: Ride the Moon

This collection of short stories was an eclectic mix of happy and sad. The moon was featured in several different ways, more than just the average outerspace feature or mythical goddess. I enjoyed most of the stories in this collection. My favourites were: Small Seven’s Secret by Billie Milholland – This would make an intriguing full length story. It was centered around the message “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Cherry Blossoms by Amy Laurens – This was a sad story about waiting too long for something and having life pass you by. Je Me Souviens by Edward Willett […]

Mar 222013
Review: Masked Mosaic: Canadian Super Stories

This was a collection of short stories that really surprised me. I didn’t expect there to be such a wide variety of characters and plotlines. When you think superhero, I picture the classic good guy in tights saving the world. But this collection showed me that it can be much more than that. Like most short story collections, some stories make more of an impression that others. My favourites included Nocturne, which features an ordinary man who dreams he is a superhero, The Seamstress Without a Costume, which features a woman who creates the costumes for both superheros and villains, […]

Sep 272012
Review: The Palace Job

This is a humourous action-packed story that is full of surprises. The idea of a magical heist that is comparable to Ocean’s 11 sounds incredibly fun, and this book does not disappoint. The characters are an eclectic group that really fit together well. I loved them all, but I especially loved Kail. His mother bashing comments made me laugh every time. They lent a simple yet familiar element to the story. In fantasy world with active magic, the fact that mother bashing generates the same reactions that you can expect in real life really helped make Kail seem more realistic. […]